Rainbow Soul Path Prep Class

5 Weeks to Soul Clarity

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↞ A 5 Week Online Course ↠

This course is designed to keep you engaged in your own inner work of soul growth and feel supported as you unwind and unravel the untruths holding you back. This will allow you to align to your purpose by rebuilding your own foundations and strengthen your core beliefs. This course prepares you fo the Soul Path of Mastery Retreat.



Every module comes with an intro video that explains the theme in depth and offers special guidance.


A weekly themed meditation to guide you on a deep internal journey, to be repeated daily.


Every week offers a special ceremony to integrate the work you have been doing and practice gratitude.

60 min Wrap Up

A chance to connect directly with Rainbow via video to share your journey, get support, and receive guidance on the next steps.

A Letter from Rainbow

The energies over theses past few months have been very unsettling, chaotic and may have put a block into diving deeper into truth, as you are feeling all of the collective pain as well. You many feel overwhelmed and unsure of what is next.

This has rattled every person on the planet to the core of our existence.

This is not the time to be shut down, this is the time to stand in your power and raise your own vibration by maintaining higher frequency.

This Master Prep Class is where you can be guided to go at your own pace of discovery and reach new heights of awareness.

You will gain more clarity and understand on a deeper level what may need to still be released, detached and removed, so you can come back into balance and harmony and embody and integrate back into your whole being fully present.

You will receive support, prompts and tools to do the deeper work, to rise and raise the Vibration of the Earth, as well as maintain your own higher frequency consistently.

It is not easy to forge ahead and be a bright light, to be a brave and courageous warrior, but this is your truth. You are all of these things. You are remembering who you are…

You are gaining strength and clearer vision and now

Recognize the power of your soul.

Stand in your power and create the New World with your soul allies and be open to new growth, new opportunities that you are wanting to attract to your soul experience.

This is your Spiritual Journey back to your true self. You are the only one who knows your soul best. Follow and trust your inner guidance.

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5 Modules


3 Payments of $200 CAD for Lifetime Access

Overcome your blocks, gain clarity and peace, and learn about your gifts. You'll leave this course feeling deeply connected to your soul purpose.


Starting Oct 26th 2020

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Welcome to the Rainbow Medicine Collective! Our first cohort is starting Oc 26th 2020. Fill the form below and we will connect with you very soon with more details on the course and how to pay.