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↞ A 4 Week Online Course ↠

Learning how to connect to your sacred heart space is a pivotal phase for all spiritual seekers, empaths, and healers. There are many beautiful ways in which you can do this so that you can connect to your divine truth and radiate more love into your life. For our heart is the portal to everything in existence, it is the centre of your soul.

In this course, Rainbow takes you on a spiritual journey through the 4 elements - Earth, Air, Water, and Fire - through meditations, prompts, and video guidance. These weekly themes will help you step into your heart centre, burn away the old, plant seeds for the future, and find clarity.


Every module comes with an intro video that explains the theme in depth and offers special guidance.


A weekly themed meditation to guide you on a deep internal journey, to be repeated daily.

Crystal Guides

Each week comes with a crystal recommendation to support your healing journey.


Every week offers a special ceremony to integrate the work you have been doing and practice gratitude.

Why we Must Awaken Our Hearts Now

A Letter from your Teacher, Rainbow Medicine Woman
The human heart is our portal to higher understanding and connects us to our soul journey to reclaim our innocence and heal. As we journey to feeling what is in our hearts, we will know our truth and accept it as our divine grace. The heart is beating to its own drum.
This course is for anyone seeking peace and healing unique to them and at their own pace and understanding. This will lead you to your Divine truth of how special you really are to this whole universe. 
If this course speaks to you or evokes a feeling, or a vision or you get goosebumps, then this is your frequency match. You will be able to get something valuable to assist your healing journey or a piece of your puzzle 🧩 is returned to you!
Each participant of the Awaken the Heart ♥️ Course will receive many beautiful transformations and epiphanies over this 4 week journey. Each week you will shift closer to a deeper understanding of who you are and how you can heal and uncover your own truth. This is a sacred container to become closely reunited with all that you are, as you will notice changes each week and witness your own unfolding.
The Heart is where the Magic lives in you! Please join us and see what magic is wait for you to discover!! 🙏❤️🌈


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Includes Support & Guidance

15 min Support Call 

Available at any time on your journey, receive1-on-1 support when you need it. Discuss questions about the course, challenges on your journey, or simply connect with someone who can help you stay on course.

45 min Wrap Up Call with Rainbow

Rainbow will help you integrate all that you have experienced in the course, offer you support and guidance, and help you explore the next steps on your soul's journey.

4 Modules

Launching February 14st 2021









Initiate Your Heart

Early Bird Special $399 ($444) CAD

3 Payment Installments of $133 for Lifetime Access


- 4 Meditations
- 4 Crystal Guides
- 4 Welcome Videos
- 4 Writing Experiences
- 4 Ceremonies
- 45 min Wrap up with Rainbow


This course is a guided path back to your heart. On this journey you will learn how to deeply accept yourself, clear old energetic channels, ground in the flow and return to stillness. This is HOW you awaken the heart.


You are ready.


Starting Feb 14th 2021


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