"Breathe Love into Heart" June 6-12th

Greetings Beloveds,

As we navigate these next steps forward from here, we can continue to return to our Heart centre for balance and harmonization. We have gained many new tools over these last few years. We are remembering many of our gifts and talents that have been asleep for eons.

We have reached a new point in our journeys now with many of our ancestral wounds and patterns being released. Our vision of self and how we wish to express ourselves is coming into form with more clarity and commitment to self love and appreciation. Finding our truth and authentic expression in this Earth dance.

We have had some pivotal cosmic assistance from our planets and star nations, The new energies many of you may have noticed as of the weekend. We have now entered a Saturn retrograde which will release further karmic cycles out of our existence. Many will begin to see the massive shifts that will transpire over the next few months, bringing more growth, healing and relief.

We are clearing more debris out of our bodies, minds, spirits, hearts and environments so we can bring in more light and hold higher frequency energy. The Heart is the portal for this transformation of being a receiver of Source Love. As we receive the cosmic flow we begin to understand that we are experiencing a great reset  and can align with this unconditional energy. We are able to let go of the toxicity, worries, fears and realign ourself with the abundance energy of Love and Prosperity.

If you feel overwhelmed and feel you cannot go any further, remember your breath. It is our best tool and door into our inner world. Go to the Trees upon our Great Mother and they will hold you deeply.

Breathe Love into your Heart centre and allow the exhale to release any of the old stagnate energy out. Do this for at least 3 times, closer your eyes and put your hands on your heart and belly. Than return to your natural breath and rest here for awhile. 

We are here for this amazing Transformation on Earth and to witness one another come home to ourselves and shift the whole consciousness of Humanity. 

Keep going! Remember who you are! You are a Bright Star Light who shines in the darkness! 

Love and Blessings,

Rainbow xxx





Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

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