"Eternal Light is Within" March 14-20

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2022

Hello Beloveds,

We have arrived at a new place in our Human existence. The amount of Cosmic light that is hitting the Earth right now is off the chart. It is shifting the Collective into reaching higher states of Consciousness and clearing out the negative influences of our whole systems. Over the next week it will continue to ramp up as we approach the Spring Equinox on Sunday. 

This is a rebirth process that each individual can choose to experience. We are all going through this to evolve our Humanity into a more sustainable and united experience.  As we continue to unravel the past and unearth the shadow side of ourselves, we are then free to except the truth of our eternal existence. 

We are all waking to the truth of how we have been blinded and controlled by the powers that be. The cracks and flaws in all the systems are beginning to now crumble.

We the people are more powerful and are ready to step forward to shine our Divine Light and reclaim what is our God given right. Freedom and Love. Living from Heart and sharing our gifts with one another in a thriving community of One Consciousness.  To begin the rebuilding process of New Earth. 

This is really happening and we can prepare by looking after ourselves and each other. Hydrate and eat clean, rest and go to Nature for support.

Many of us have been preparing for this time in our History for lifetimes. Prepare your soul and allow the unfolding to take place organically.

You are so loved and appreciated. Thank you for being here at this time.

Love and Blessings !!!

Rainbow xxx




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