"Feel the Heart Expansion" Sept. 5th-11th


What a summer of radiant heat and deep transformation, it shook us and shifted the whole of Humanity to the core. We will never be the same. Many of you have Let go of the old versions of yourselves and are shaping how you wish to move forward from here. This has been so monumental for The Collective. The awareness of how we have lived in fear and control and now being able to step into this whole new way of being has hit the masses. Free to be, free to choose, Free to live this beautiful life full of possibilities.

Where we are now is groundbreaking, ready to feel the expansion of our "Heart Frequency" will increase the growth and inspire us to keep moving along this trajectory of living in a free sate of beingness, New Earth vibration. 

The Divine Feminine energies are leading this charge for all of Humanity as Mother Gaia is infusing all of us with more nourishment and the Cosmic rays of hope and dreams are flooding our atmosphere with so much love and light.  The Divine Masculine is releasing and going deep within thier own divine vessels to accept the losses, regreets and old patterns for the final big let go. 

We will be experiencing the 9/9 portal this week and the number 9 is endings and new beginnings. We have completed a major cycle in our evolution. We are moving through the chaos and seeing the potential in our Humanity. We have had many epiphanies over this past year. The clarity is becoming laxer focused. Look back at what you have been actually manifesting in these last few months. You are magical. Keep believing and keep your energy clear and clean to see what is coming for you in this beautiful path. 

Blessings Dear Ones! We have done it! Thank you for being here to elevate Humanity. Join Me for the Portal event 9/9. Link in Bio for info.

Love Rainbow xxx


Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.