"Feeling the After Glow of the Pink Moon" April 18-24

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2022

Hello Beloveds,

This portal of new beginnings is open and allowing the Collective to shift into total transformation. This is the time of change and awareness recieving our holy existence is becoming more clear and transparent as the veil is being revealed. Our priorities have shifted, as we have a deeper understanding and appreciation of what really brings us joy and happiness. 

For this has been the Quest all along. The dream and journey have now merged into this divine existence, we are at the beginning again. We can create and choose how we live this life. We are at the rebirth stage of Conscious awareness.

Today, we are all reborn into this beautiful experience of life and living our truth. We, the Collective chose to be here on Earth at this time in our history to bring this experience into form. It is time to lay down the resistance and surrender to our destiny. We are living breathing beings of Light and we are ready to accept the truth of who we are, and why Earth's evolution is key to our Universe.

So, if you are feeling the afterglow of the Pink Full Moon have tuned to the softness of the energy around you, then you have re-birthed yourself into this new reality. We are on a new journey of discovery and have reclaimed our innocence.

This past weekend was not a coincidence that it aligned with Easter, Ramadan, Eostara and many other religious celebrations of Re-Birth around the world. As many are coming back together for gatherings and celebrations we feel an additional uplifted surge with in our hearts. The new map is being activated within each of us. Remembering is our responsibility. And how you put this energy into action is next step.

Be gentle on yourselves, rest and enjoy this magic lightness in the ethers. 

Love and Blessings!

Rainbow xxx



Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

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