"Flower Full Moon paired with a Lunar Eclipse"=Powerful Transformation /May 16-23

Greetings Beloveds,

Wow, what a weekend of transformation for the whole Human race! With this astrological pairing of the Scorpio Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse which is referred to as a Blood Moon. Put most of us in an emotional pool of still water spilling out at every turn. This moon was the strength and intensity of 10x moons. This event has changed us forever, we are reaching further onto our ascension path each day now. We are making great strides and progressing in alignment with the Universal Action Plan for Unity Consciousness.

May 16th is also Wesak, which was the birth of the Buddha. Many illuminated beings on the planet congregate in the Himalayas to celebrate this auspicious day. I am sure that they are all celebrating the rising of the frequency felt on the planet today as well. Humanity has turned a corner in the most positive direction, and will continue to up level and increase this amazing transformation for our precious existence.

The energy this week will continue to stir up and release the unhealed aspects that are just slightly buried beneath the surface. The body will persist to communicate what is still left to examine and further be released from the system. The mind will slowly become more clear and less scattered. The heart will continue to open to the unlimited possibilities and strengthen the spirit within us all, as we come together in community.

This week can be used to clean up our inner sanctuaries, our environments, our relationships and a good old fashion clean out of the closet would be very cathartic at this time. Time for the Great Giveaway ceremony. We are being asked to tune up our energy fields so, that they are clean and being used most efficiently for us to upgrade our whole systems to optimum potential. Our health and wellbeing is top priority as we are shifting into a different frequency of being.

Staying heart centred will ease the upgrading happening on the cellular level at this time, continue to hydrate with purified water, whole foods and plenty of rest when needed. And of course being out in the forest or in nature will be helpful to our systems, to integrate the light codes.

Have a safe and playful May long weekend coming up, pray for some sunshine and warmer temps for the Northwest. The plants are patiently waiting to be planted in the warm earth.

Happy gardening!!

Love and Blessings,

Rainbow xxx   


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