"Light Codes Coming in Hot" Nov. 7th-13th

Dear Beloveds,

Here we are on the cusp, of our next eclipse on November 8th. This will be a total Lunar Eclipse paired with a Full Moon in Taurus. This past week has been intense waves of highs and lows, experienced sometimes all at once. As, we have been in this eclipse portal energy since October 25th. Also this week, we will have a powerful portal day 11/11, magnifying all the cosmic light coming to Earth. This will be the most powerful week to date on our Planet.

As, the Light codes and big eclipse energies stream in, our cells are being cleared and activated. Some might be receiving codes, that will unlock memories or portals to open the cosmic energy transfer to earth. Our main purpose is to anchor these codes and remain clear and open to the higher frequencies. This is a most pivotal time for all of Humanity to chose to evolve and be in full awareness of upgrading our experience on Earth as conscious, loving and compassionate Humans for all living things.

We are now securing the higher states of consciousness here on Earth to help bring this truth and awareness for all of Humanity to expand. This is why many of us are here, as we chose to come here at this most auspicious timeline, so that we can shift all of us into a more harmonious state of being. That the future of Humanity will continue to evolve and thrive for generations to come.

The most beneficial thing you can do for yourselves is to engage in radical self care, with all of the energetic shifting, rest and hydration are key. Eating nourishing warm wholesome foods, and listening to the body for clues of what is required for maximum efficiency in clearing out the old programs, and allowing the new codes to activate your deep knowing.

If you are called to do a ritual for yourself the most potent days would be the November 8th eclipse night for release, and the November 11th portal day for bringing in the positive energy to re-wire and activate the New Earth Codes you posses with in your soul. 

Be very Gentle on yourselves, allow theses shifts to free you to be your most open and available to receiving these transformative codes of Divine Light.

Blessings to you! May this week be a beautiful journey for your soul.

Love always,

Rainbow xxx



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