"Lion's Gate Portal" August 1st - 7th

Dearly Beloveds,

We have had a week of intense energy in our field. With many solar flares and cosmic energy coming to the planet. This energy is preparing us for the Lion's Gate Portal for 8/8. This window officially opened July 26th and will remain open until August 12. Here is our opportunity to have a deeper alignment with our soul and to take a quantum leap towards restoring balance with our Divine Feminine and Divine masculine.

This is one of the most powerful times of the year, where we can connect our spiritual and physical realms together as more of The Collective awakens to this new consciousness in Unity. 

Lion's Gate energy is in the sign of Leo driving this authentic expression into form. Emulating this inner strength, we all have to be in our truest divine expression and to fully embody our gifts and also remember that our brilliance is alive and well within us. We will connect to our core values and put these ideas into real action. This current energy will inspire many to stand in their power and truth.  

Some of you may be feeling exhausted and unable to focus, feeling like you are in two worlds. The New Earth grid had been anchored into Mother Gaia. As we approach closer to the 8/8 Lion's Gate there will be more stability in our field. As the full alignment of our Central Sun and Sirius actualize on 8/8. 

I have been guided to hold an Event this upcoming Monday for Lion's Gate August [email protected] 8pm EST and 5pm PST. 

To bring us into a community for a collective experience of oneness and celebration. To anchor our energetic bodies into the new timeline of the New Earth frequency so we can come into a full alignment with our soul mission. We have been navigating so much over these last 6 months of rebirthing ourselves, this is now a pinnacle moment for Humanity to shift into higher consciousness.

This is why we have all agreed to be here Now in this form was to secure the evolution into a consciousness of Peace, Harmony and Unity. Living our existence in accordance with Universal Law.

This Portal of Lion's Gate will allow the leap for Humanity to choose the next phase of this Ascension journey.  We have come so far now, there is no going back into the past. 

Prepare your body by staying hydrated, eating and resting when needed.  Keep a journal close for any downloads to receive clarity and messages from your Light team and Higher self. Prepare for more spiritual upgrades.

Look forward to seeing you all on the Zoom for 8/8/8! 

Love Rainbow xxx

PS. We have an announcement for our upcoming Infinite Path Fall session starting in September 2022. We have two bonus offers for anyone who signs up before August 23rd, you will receive a 20% off  of price savings of $600. Second bonus is you will receive 3 x 1:1 coaching calls with Rainbow valued @$699.

Our Infinite Path portal is now open to register. So look forward to welcoming you to our next cohort. Please reach out if you have any questions - [email protected]

Blessings to you all and stay centred in your beautiful hearts for this next part of our collective journey.


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