"New Burst of Solar Energy is Activating some Summer Heat" June 27-July 4th

Greeting Beloveds,

So beautiful to see the sun and warmer temps arrive here in the coastal mountains. The Solstice energies were very powerful and shifted the gloomy darkness right out of this stratosphere. The solar activity theses last few days has up-levelled many of us into a different state of being. Much more elevated consciousness and has shifted our perspective of life on this planet. There is a deeper appreciation of Mother Earth and the human experience.

The burst of solar energy will assist the rise in awareness for humanity and show us we are closely connected and inspired by nature and our Mother Earth. As, many will be out enjoying the summer weather, connecting and receiving light codes, as it is short in the northern hemisphere.

We are on a new path of existense now. More are remembering their divine connections and lifetimes of being connected to the Light. We are all here to assist this planet to Unity Consciousness and it is well on its way to shape our New Earth into form.

We have a couple of events this week and many will be feeling the lingering affects of the solstice activation.  There is a new moon June 28th in Cancer and this will be very positive for all as we continue to integrate the solstice and eclipse season. Great time to set intentions for next several months, we are at the half way mark of 2022. 

Get out there and play in Nature, get close to the ground, walk in the forest, play in the water. We have been holding on to so much trauma, it is time to let it all go and live your life to its fullest. Have fun, socializing and reintegrating your beliefs and dreams.

WE have come along way, and now we will see the effects of our effort over these last few months of letting go, clearing and shifting our perspective to what is possible. As you can dream really big and make it so. 

Happy Summer to those in the Northern part of Earth, Happy Winter to those in the South.

Blessings for all in your new beginnings!

Love Rainbow xxx



Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

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