"New Chapter is Unfolding" August 8th-14th

Dearly Beloveds,

We have been on an incredible journey, this week with Lions Gate portal opening to further our awareness that we are magical. Many of you have been able to let go of your storied pasts and step into this new higher vibrational frequency of Oneness to the Universe. This conditioning of the Human existence was deeply hardwired into our experience on this beautiful Planet. Our cells also remember our other worldly experiences, and in that remembering we are accessing that ancient knowledge that we carry seeds of hope for Humanity.

This week's powerful energies will need much integration of allowance of excepting new information for our evolution. Many of you are here to be examples of how to just be conscious beings having this amazing Human experience.  Many of you are here to speak Truth that will set Humanity free from the darkness and forgetfulness. Many of you are here to lead Humanity back to create a New Earth existence. What ever your role in this Now Moment, we are all ready to re write a new chapter of how we will live and breathe and thrive together. 

The powerful events of this week including a Full Super Moon in Aquarius and Lions Gate Portal will infuse Humanity with a fresh perspective of how to put this all into a very potent action steps while moving slowly and purposefully. Take your time, allow your self the time and space to connect your pieces  of your own puzzle and re write your next chapter. 

Be gentle on yourselves and as we move into these higher energies, rest when needed and drink pure water to better absorb the higher frequency codes. Set your intentions for what you wish to attract into your experience and make way for the magic to enter your life.

Blessings and Love to you! You are a Brilliant Star! Shine your Light!

Love Rainbow xxx




Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.