"Re-awaken to the New Moon in Libra" September 26th-October 2nd

Dear Beloveds,

Welcome to the new beginnings of self awareness. We as a Collective have ended some major Karmic cycles that we were all playing out in this plane of existence. We have reached a new level of awareness in our evolutionary human journey. Many people are now awakening to the illusion that we have been living under for thousands of years. The Human Condition was programmed to keep us oppressed, controlled, not connected to our Divine expression and enslaved to keep looping the Karmic cycles of pain and suffering.

The truth of our existence and who we are is being realized and many are now reclaiming their power and making sense of all the pieces of this crazy puzzle. We are free now to choose how we wish to thrive and create our new reality of existing in Harmony, Love and Peace. This past month has been a game changer for many of you, having the time to reflect and re-assess what is supporting your evolution and how you can step into alignment with all that you are and all that you came here to do in this life.

 The energies this week are amping up and intensifying with the Fall Equinox and New moon in Libra just this past weekend, we are purifying our minds, bodies and souls to better absorb the activation codes of the Divine coming in hot. Expect Solar Flare activities, this will increase many symptoms of irregularities of sleep patterns and dream activity will increase. Listening to what your body needs is best, rest more and drink pure water often.  

This is a perfect time to set intentions for yourself and put in what you wish to manifest for next few months. This is a very potent time. Dream as big as you can.

This new moon in Loving Libra will highlight relationships, how you create wealth, establish inner balance with your divine masculine and divine feminine. And allow any shadow of a doubt to dissolve from your field. You will feel many shifts in your awareness and be better able to make good clear decisions on what is next for you and any collaborations that you wish to attract for  near future expressions of your true self.

This Libra season is about being gentle on your tender heart and allowing this time to be at your pace. Nature and Mother Earth remind us to slow down and bring in the harvest, you have already planted the seeds of your soul. You are here now to remember all that you are and step into your path and purpose at this time of our Human History.

WE are paving the way for the next generations to create and bring this planet back from the brink and re build a sustainable and loving existence for all living beings. 

So many Blessings of Love and Compassion! May you walk with Ease and Grace!

Love always,

Rainbow xxx



Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.