"Reflections of Your Heart" September 19th-25th

Dear Beloveds,

The intensity of the energy has softened some from last week and the weekend. We are mid point of the 6 planet retrogrades, leaving us in a state of remembrance, reflection and releasing what no longer serves us moving forward into new realities. You may be called to sit in silence or be in circle to witness your own unravelling. To allow integration of all the seeds that you planed from the last Equinox.

We are getting set to slow things down from summer and shift gears for Fall season. Fall Equinox is September 22nd and will also be matched up with the new moon in Libra on the 25th. This will soften the busy mind and allow for deeper contemplation of your new path and new beginnings. As this is the transition from the Libra season into Virgo, we will want to cosy up with loved ones and nest in our new way of operating. Feeling more into the heart expression and expanded versions of ourselves. 

We have all moved a lot of the ancestral patterns and programs, we are now better equipped to integrate this new way of action from our healed and connected heart centre. The new way of seeing and being in this New Earth Vibration will continue to unfold as we all come more online. The Collective is attuning more to this frequency and feeling the hopefulness in their Hearts. This is and will be the most profound shift in our Human History as we continue to evolve into Higher Consciousness.

This week's energy will become soft and move us more lovingly along as Libra takes us down a path of being in a more balanced approach of living and communicating with one another. Listening with our open hearts and being the witnesses for one another on this most wondrous journey of eternal Love and compassion. We are free now to choose how we wish to live and operate in this new vibration. Being more gentle on ourselves is key, letting go of the old stories and seeing that you are feeling more hopeful and can feel freedom returning to your existence. 

Rest, recover, allow yourselves to just be in reflection of how you are becoming more regulated in your choices and responses. This is a magical time for all of humanity as we are reclaiming those parts of ourselves that we thought were lost.

Be gentle and take the time to pause and re-write your new stories and be present for your best life experience in this now moment.

Blessing of Love and Grace for your new adventures ! Happy New Beginnings, Happy Fall Equinox!

Love always,

Rainbow xxx




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