"Release/Renewal Start the Fire" - March 7-14

Hello Beloveds,

It has been a tough and uncomfortable week of intense energies. These energies are coming into highlight what needs to be released from our systems. We are left to self-examine and soul search for our own inner truth. What is still lingering in your system? Creating havoc? Blocking and shutting down your light?

One of the golden nuggets this week has been a practice in the art of creating boundaries. The Fire element is protective and will lovingly increase your ability to protect your own energy. It's time to "Start the Fire" and keep the fire stoked within your belly. The Fire element is helpful in clearing out and purifying so much unnecessary baggage, that most are not aware that they are totting around from relationship to relationship. Once you have been burned by the same pattern over and over again. It hits you like a ton of bricks.

You are your own witness to how you let all of this deeply embedded programming go. You are powerful, brave, and deserve to live in Peace. This is the work that is required for each person on the planet to heal and be free from the oppression and control of our Global societies, Government bodies, Corporations and Generational family traumas.   

This week we are recieving more Light Code Activations and it will be illuminating to our journeys. The energy of the Spring Equinox is building and pushing us in a forward motion to grow and expand our multidimensional selves. To love who we are becoming, to embrace our genius, and to stand tall in our absolute brilliance. 

Be gentle on yourselves, the need for radical self care is top priority. Set good health boundaries, take a bath and take it slower than normal.

Integration is necessary to infuse the new coding that you are receiving to activate your Blueprint. You are remembering who you are, Beautiful Light Beings. You are shifting the frequency of this planet,  keep holding the line of being centred in you Light. We are doing it!! We are Rising from the Ashes !!

Love you all!

Love and Blessings,

Rainbow  xxx


Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.