"Run Wild and Be Free" April 25-May 1

Hello Beloveds, 

This month of April has been the most transformational month so far. We have had solar flares and cosmic events that have not happened for hundreds of years on this planet. This amount of plasma energy coming to Earth is shifting the planet and every living thing on all levels of being. We are becoming more aware on a soul level of our existence and why we have all chosen to be here now at this time.

Underlying feelings of hope are rising with in Humanity, many are feeling the call of something wild with in their hearts and souls. They are stepping away from the systems that have held humans in despair and chaos for thousands of years. Many are transitioning out of their jobs, living conditions and relationships and are starting to live authentically and speak they're truths.  They have a deep knowing that is guiding them to Freedom and Sustainability.

Our Ancestors lived close to the rhythms of the Earth and were able to exist along side nature in a harmonize and balanced way. We must remember our true nature and love our Mother Earth, she provides so much for her children. All around the world we celebrated Earth day April 22. Everyday is Earth day, as we honour, cherish and protect her.

As the Spring season is emerging, life is rebirthing, new beginnings are bountyful. You may be feeling an urge to be creative or spend more time outside. Start a backyard garden, run wild in a field. What ever your expression, Be free and know that you are so loved and supported in this amazing journey of life. Feel the Earth under your feet and ground into her rich soil for nourishment this next week.

 We will welcome the beginnings of eclipse season on Saturday April 30th we will have a solar eclipse.  This will be a powerful day, signalling us to connect to our higher consciousness and guide us into right relationship. This cosmic event will awaken more people on the planet.

Prepare to feel a lot of energy, release any residual deep programming out of your system. Stay hydrated and stay grounded in your centre.  Be gentle on yourself. Open your hearts and minds to forgiveness and compassion of yourself and others. 

Love and Blessings,

Rainbow xxx 



Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.