"Shine Like a Diamond" March 28-April 4

Hello Beloveds,

We are all awakening into acceptance of what we are made of... PURE MAGIC & STARDUST!  We are feeling more comfortable in our bodies, integrating and adjusting to our new way of being in full alignment. We are becoming more free to move and grow as the Multidimensional Beings that we are. We are Remembering...EVERYTHING.

Go gently into the acceptance... that we are shiny and brilliant stars on the inside and that we can now emit this beauty out into the world from our beautiful soul spirits, to assist the changes that are on there way to shape our New Earth. 

We are becoming Crystal Diamond Plasma within, we will shine like Diamonds. Our consciousness is shifting to Unity and Oneness with The Divine. We are able to absorb the light from the Great Central Sun, turning our pain into power, transforming it into Infinite Love. When the SunlightLight hits the water and the water ripples, it looks like tiny diamonds on the water dancing.  "Come and dance with me", says the Divine.

The Universe has been showing us all along in the reflections of the water. Nature's beauty is continuously being reflected back to us, showing us how beautiful we all are.  Keep looking to the Natural World for guidance and accept what is being shared with you as Pure Love from The Divine.

The energies this week will be coming in hot with solar flares arriving to Earth today. It will usher in a fresh new beginning for all of Humanity as we welcome the start of the Astrological Calendar in Aries. Expect some spicy energy for the weekend as we welcome the fiery element of this Cardinal Fire sign to active the higher mind and higher heart. 

This Month of April will assist us greatly as a Collective to better navigate and move forward in our lives to release the past and understanding that it is the Now/Present moment that we will live in now. We can openly share from our Hearts, with a more balanced energy in a higher state of Unity Consciousness.

Come together and be in Community, be in harmony with "All That Is Sacred",  we are so Ready!!!


Be gentle on yourselves and others as we are all in this transformative time in our Human History together.

Hope is Here! We hold the codes and keys that will open the doors to the Infinite Possibilites. 

Blessings, All my Relations!

Love always,

Rainbow xxx



Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.