" Spring into New Beginnings " March 21-27

Hello Beloveds,

Welcome to first full day of Spring. It is a new beginning, an opportunity to clear out the old energies, organize your sacred space and begin to make room to bring in beautiful abundance.

Fine tune your practice of Sacred Smudge Ceremony to remove the density in your environment. Drum in what you desire. This is the start of a whole new chapter. How do you envision this new story into existence?

The old energies of the past are winding out of our world now. This energy we feel now is fresh and becoming uncomplicated. We are now seeing this world with more clarity and understanding how we are now able to shift it.

This Spring is inspiring us all to get out in Nature to reconnect and learn from Our Beautiful Mother Gaia, we are able to tune in with all our senses to the sounds, feels, smells and tastes. The rain is purifying and nourishing the Earth, encouraging  the new shoots to break through from beneath the earth as it is  spectacular to witness this natural occurrence that is truly a miracle of how nature displays her beauty so humbly and graciously this time of year.

Blessings for All the New Beginnings! Take the time for yourself to slow it all down and watch it grow and bloom into beauty. You are amazing, be patient with this process.

Love Rainbow xxx



Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.