"Stillness allows the lotus to blossom" October 17th-23rd

Dear Beloveds,

Here on the West Coast of Canada we are enjoying an extended version of summer weather. Not typical for this time of year. So many are still going to the lakes and receiving blessings from the water and sunshine. This is really beneficial for what is happening on a cellular level to us right now, as the light codes are streaming in for us Collectively to shift our expanding Consciousness and clear our DNA of the old Patriarchal system. 

If you have been busy trying to get ready for winter and missed taking some time to relax and enjoy these bonus days get out there and soak it all up. In those moments of stillness we are able to absorb on a cellular level and allow the cells to regenerate and purify on all levels. Being in that pure stillness we can allow these miraculous changes and shifts to occur.

The energy around in the Collective is still one of insecurity and unknown, so best to ground into nature and be in acceptance to assist this shift in the Collective to take place. WE are all connected to one another, so our mission here is to stay focused on our purpose of shifting a consciousness here on this planet. Stay very centred in your being to put that calming energy back into the Collective field.

We are here now to stabilize and ground into the emanate ascension that is happening on Mother Earth and to keep adaptable to all the the shifting energies. The second half of Libra season is to step into the gentle Warriors that you are and hold fast. Hold the Highest timelines and highest vibration within your field. Taking positive steps to protect and nourish your souls. Resting and taking times away from the frantic energies and bask in the deep ancient knowing of your soul. The centre of the Lotus Blossom is your beautiful heart energy.

This upcoming week we will be preparing and steading our energy for a Solar eclipse on the 25th of October in Scorpio accompanied by a New Moon. This is a time to allow the deep clearing of old self and shadow aspects to come to the surface to be transformed into Love. Be very gentle on yourself and observe and witness the old world and ways that will be dissolving in front of your very eyes. 

Blessings of beautiful transformations and letting gos with ease and grace,

Love Rainbow xxx



Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

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