"Stormy Waters Are Transition To Calm" June 20th-June 26

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2022

Greetings Beloveds,

Hope you are finding some calm and grounding moments over these last weeks of turmoil and chaotic energies? June has been a very intense and full Month of review. It was a resounding theme post Full Strawberry super moon of deep emotional release and physical pains in body particularly felt on the right side for most of us, as we are continuing to navigate the waves of great change and letting go of the past wounding, old beliefs and control programming from Patriarchal systems.

The more we resist this evolution of our world the longer it will take for us to rise above this lower density. Many are waking up to the fact that as we are shifting into higher consciousness the controlled narrative continues to get louder, and presents more distractions of the Fear program to slow this process down for all of Humanity. This is a constant reminder for us to remember who we are and to stay grounded and ask our highest self,"What do you believe to be true?"

We have this deep inner knowing that we are here having this Earthly experience to evolve and grow as a soul. We are learning how to be embodied in this human body. So our main focus is to honour this body and soul and to enjoy this life and to connect with everything in our environment as part of this inter connectedness. We have been taught that we are separate from Nature. We are the same as nature, we are natural. We are water, air, fire and earth. So, as we begin to heal from the separateness, we will have a different perspective of how we will relate to everything in our new awareness. 

We are on this incredible journey together of discovery and wonder of our natural world around us. Where and what will you discover? What is most intriguing to your curiosity? Ask yourself the deeper questions, read and allow the answers to come to you.

We have a potent portal happening now with Summer/Winter Solstice arriving this week June 21st. There will be many ceremonies around the world and we welcome the longest day and beginning of summer season in the northern hemisphere and shorted day and being of winter in the southern hemisphere.

This is also an end of a very challenging 6 months for the Collective and we are so excited to welcome this calmer more fluid chapter of a new beginning for all. Fresh start with new life and new growth for an expansive summer.

Asking the Conscious Universe to Please bring us easy and grace as we are transitioning into Cancer season as well. Softness and watery flow to our lives as we continue to unfold our new versions of ourselves and love All that we are.

Solstice Blessings of Radiant Light and Love,

Rainbow xxx 



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