"Sunflowers in Full Bloom" August 29th-September 5th

Dearly Beloveds,

Hopefully you are soaking up all of these last few days of Summer sun and fun, as we slip into  September. This has been an intense month of uncovering and feeling so so much in our bodies. The light codes have been coming in more prominently for the month of August and have given The Collective some new perspective in how they are living their existence and they are now  wishing to shift into this new energy and live a more balanced and loving existence.

We are similar to the Sunflowers reaching towards the light and we grow as we bring in more light to our beings. This is a perfect example of how we can evolve and grow, absorb more light frequency to our cells and it will shift our whole outlook on how to live this New Earth existence.

This has always been our journey here on This Earthly plane of existence, seeing the world in a  new light. We are reclaiming our innocences and elevating our Hearts to new heights. LOVE is why we are Here. Love has always been here for us, to see and be in this frequency. We are born out of love, we are here in this human form because of Love. It is only Love that drives us forward to keep sharing and caring for each another.     

This week is going to be Really Big Energy as the Sun has released some record breaking Solar Flares. There is a lot going on in the upper atmosphere with all of the planets, as 6 of them will be transitioning into retrograde, slowing down some, so we can physically catch up and integrate all of the energy we have been recieving. 

We have also switched into Virgo and this is going to assist us into anchoring in more grounded focused energy to put our plan in place for what is next for our ascension. We are also still feeling  the many emotions that were unearthed by the new moon this weekend. Set your intentions for rest of this year. Go gentle on yourself and stay very hydrated. Meditate each morning and evening to help regulate the nervous system.

Reach for the Sky as you remember who you are...

Love and Blessings,

Rainbow xxx 



Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.