"Time to Detox to Recharge" April 11-17

Hello Beloveds,

It has been a big week of upgrades and inner shifts, allowing yourself more space to integrate this new way of being will be very beneficial. As, we are now in between seasons, this is a great time to slow every down, prepare the soil. So when you are ready to birth new ideas and embrace Spring,  you will have more energy and be more focused to do so with fresh eyes.

Spending time in Nature can reset your nervous system and activate cellular memory to attune and remember that you are connected to all living things on Earth. You are an organic part of Nature, as the trees, rivers and rocks. When we observe the silence around us, we can hear the whispers of our soul, and the Universe will communicate with us in this sate of being.  

This week the Earth will be receiving many Solar blasts, and is also experiencing a cosmic planetary alignments, Jupiter and Neptune are in an exact conjunction this week. The energy may intensify mid week. Our bodies have been clearing out many old outdated programs, relationships and some will have already been experiencing detoxification naturally or have started the process with prompts. This will be felt on a cellular level for most.

This is an excellent time to aid the body in the total detox process so that the whole system can absorb the light codes and experience the may upgrades and unleveling that Humanity is destine to experience this Spring. 

If you are being called to go out into Nature to be alone with your own thoughts and feelings, follow the prompts. The Universe has a message for you, and has been trying to get your attention for awhile. 

Be aware of what your body is telling you, drink more water, rest and eat light, most importantly go slow and practice radical self care.

You are loved and You are so blessed. Take a break and be gentle on your tender Heart. Love Your Body and speak to yourself with love and compassion. Happy planting seeds for new growth and new adventures. 

Blessings of Love and Healing,

Love Rainbow xxx


Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

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