"Peace & Tranquillity" July 18th-July 24th

Dearly Beloveds,

We are under some major transformative energies since the last full moon. Many are experiencing upgrades, releasing deeper programming, ending relationships, leaving jobs, moving locations and getting clear on how this next chapter will align. The energies are arriving soon to open the Lion's Gate Portal for August 8th. We can expect huge energies coming in soon.

We are mid point of Summer now and we can take the time to sit back and pause for some recovery time and relax into receiving information for our purpose in this New Earth experience. Spending some alone time in silence and walking in Nature is beneficial to better integrate all that is happening to our DNA. Getting in the Water is also really calming and helpful for the transitions we are all going through.

Remembering our multidimensional experiences in this time continuum will merge all timelines into this higher one. This is where we are heading towards New Earth frequency. The Way-showers are leading the charge here on Earth as they are the ones who can bridge this New reality with our not to distant future. Lots of grid work is underway to assist with this mergeing. 

Our focus for this next phase, are you ready to expand your consciousness and to release the attachment to the old versions of you? Take time for yourself to feel, be present and follow the energy flow to what is for you.

We leave watery Cancer this week and flow into Leo, this will be all about the heat.  There is a lot happening in the sky this week with Chiron going into retrograde, the wounded healer will highlight what is needing to be released from your past as a healer. The separateness program that may still be in place. We are not separate from Anything in our Universe. We are all finding our way home to one another to live and be in peace and harmony for our New Earth to emerge.

Enjoy your tribe, family gatherings, adventures together and give yourself time to be in quiet reflection and see what is best for your highest good. Your are so deserving of Unconditional Love. 

Love and Blessings for this amazing time on Earth right now!

May all beings be Free and Sovereign! And so it is!!! 

Love Rainbow xxx 


Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.