"Trust in the Changing Seasons" November 14th-20th

Dear Beloveds,

After an intense 2week period of cosmic clearing and discovery of what we are still holding on too. We are being guided to observe the change of the Seasons, the leaves are on the ground and the snow now covers the Earth up here in the Mountains. Mother Earth begins her deep rest period of sleep under the snow to recharge into the fertile void of transformation and growth.

We can connect to the life cycle of all of Nature, we Humans have been so disconnected to her rhythm, we have forgotten how to pause and rest in-between and allow the changes to happen, nothing stays the same, everything in life is cyclical. As we become more aware of the Death and Rebirth cycle we can have a deeper understanding of our own journey.

As, we become more aware of our own seasons, we can let go of what is not supporting or nourishing our growth. We can let go or experience a form of the death cycle, release those parts that you no longer resonate with. Step into your inner winter phase, rest, be patient with where you are at in you unfolding journey. This is the part we can accept now and allow this beautiful Earth experience to teach us how to grow and evolve in the most organic way that is gentle and walk in a beauty way. Take down the walls and hear truths that will set us all free.

Take this winter season to do something so amazing for your soul. Take time to plant those seeds for new growth to come into form and bloom when they are ready. As you learn how to nourish your whole being and respect this beautiful process you will be weaving your dreams and possibilities into your Heart and soul.

As we wind down our Scorpio Eclipse Season, we can emerge from the darkness with a new creation or spark that has light our eternal flame to burn every brighter. Energetically, for the next few weeks leading to the end of 2022. We have many planets going into retrograde to give us another opportunity to slow things down, plant those ideas and dreams in your fertile soil of your inner worlds. There will be many realizations and downloads of codes activating your blueprint and highlighting your gifts to bring forth to share with the world. 

Sending Blessings of Love, 

Rainbow xxx


Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.