"Water is Medicine for the Soul" August 15th-21st

Dearly Beloveds,

As we savour these dog days of summer,  time spent by the water is precious, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. Our summer season is far too short and goes by way too fast. Water is good medicine, for the soul to be nourished and cooled, it allows the body to be buoyant and free. For many of us, being submerged in a beautiful lake is soothing, water is grounding. Listening to the water running down a mountain stream and listening to the waves hit the shores  calms the Spirit.

Water is everything, and everywhere, we are made up of mostly water and some believe that water has an innate intelligence. A memory of where it has come from or where it is going. So if you are longing to be close or submerge in water and feel a deep desire, take your moment to listen and feel the medicine of water.

Water has many sacred names in indigenous cultures. Water is the Life Blood of Mother Earth. It is very sacred and must be protected.  Many ceremonies are preformed to honour and be in gratitude for everything that water provides for us.  It is beneficial to have a relationship with water as you drink or are close to water. Be mindful of how you relate and notice what happens.

You can charge your water with reiki or crystals to enhance its benefits. We are cradled in water in the womb and when we are born out of water we miss it. Water is healing and helps the nervous system regulate back to base line. If you are a soul that craves water, get in it often or near it if possible. Notice your mood shift immediately.      

The energies this week will ease some as we begin to transition from Fiery Leo into Virgo's Earthly pleasures. We are still integrating from the Lions Gate Portal and Full Super Moon in Aquarius from last week. Find some stillness by water to ease some of the heat and emotions that have surfaced. They are not yours to carry any longer. We are lighting up our whole beings and stepping into our purpose and missions on Earth to elevate Humanity now.

Be very gentle on yourself, you are doing amazing and you have shifted so much these last few months. The outside world is now more aware of the infinite possibilities that exist for all of us. Stay grounded in your centre and keep focused on the now moment. We are almost there...

Blessings of love and peace for your Heart! Be Free to be You! Shine Your Light always!

Love Rainbow xxx 



Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

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