"We Are All Part of Nature" November 21st-28th

Dear Beloveds,

Here is a strong and potent message coming through from Spirit for this week. We have long felt that we are separate from everything and everyone. The truth of this is that we are not seperate and that we are in fact Nature through and through. We are organic living breathing beings that belong in Nature and can thrive in Nature and can co-exist and admire everything in our Nature world.

When we go to the trees in the forest, sit by the water or take a walk on the earth, we feel connected and grounded. We feel better, we feel apart of something grand and beautiful. In fact our cells become activated and begin to communicate with our surroundings. We are where we belong. We are our own medicine and nature reminds us of what we have in our cellular makeup. So if you feel unwell or out of balance, where will you go?

This has been a very intense time for all of the Collective, we are in a massive Purification stage of our Evolution. To help our whole being rid itself of the impurities, toxins, chemicals and old patterning and programming from the Patriarchy. We have allowed this lower vibration energy to infiltrate our Mother Earth and has affected ever living thing for far to long.

Now is the time we take a firm stand. No More corruption, no more toxins, no more division, no more, we stand together as One People and Protect our Beautiful Earth and All of her Children. The People of Earth will rise and together we will awaken and regain the power to make good choices and protect every living thing, every conscious being and we will Rise Up in Celebration and Live in Sovereignty. We are Free to Live and Breathe as Nature and thrive as One Unified Consciousness.

This will also Liberate the whole Universe, this is a very special time in our History and we choose to be here to witness "The Birth of the New Earth".

This week's energy will be powerful as we come out of the deep waters of Scorpio and feel a lightness in Energy as we step into the Sagittarius energy beginning on November 23rd paired with a New Moon. Jupiter will go direct in Pisces this week, giving more room for expansion and moving closer to our divine truth. This alignment will spark and sharpen your Intuition as well. Other honourable mentions, Venus and Mercery will also go direct in Sag this month easing some relationships and letting some go.

Be gentle and take it slow to allow the integration to happen as we shift out the density and embrace the clearing within and around us. Maintain your good self care practices and ground into Nature as often as you can.

Honour all parts of your Sacred Self and as you release those things that no longer serve honour them with offerings to Our Mother Earth.

Love and Many Blessings,

Rainbow xxx   




Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.