"Winter is Coming" October 24th-30th

Dear Beloveds,

October has been an intense and powerfully transformative month for the Collective. Many across the planet are waking to truth of what is being played out in this current reality is not aligning with how we desire to move forward. It is no longer viable to be living in states of fear and confusion. We are being so divinely guided to live in our truth and purpose. The cosmic events of these past few months has been providing boosts of plasma light, allowing for our cells to absorb more light codes to activate the blueprint coding with in us.

This is also a good time to detox the old systems that are still blocking us from living in harmony and balance in every area of our lives. As we exit Libra and enter into Scorpio season we are able to dive into the dark inner waters of our tender existence. How did we clear our relationships and release those that are no longer serving our highest good? What changes were made to support our evolutionary process.

This next phase is focused on purification of our inner landscapes to explore our soul's deepest expression. Keep digging for what is lighting you up and wishes to come to the surface to be shared or witnessed and released. Scorpio is all about the sacred release ritual. Now that winter is coming, we can feel the cooler temperatures guiding us back to ourselves and what is needed to nourish our hearts and souls around a cozy fire.  

This week is going to be a massive shift for the Collective and each individuals journey. October 25th brings a New Moon and beginning of Eclipse season. This will amplify and aluminate new ways of being for all living beings on this beautiful Planet Earth. We have had some other cosmic alignments leading up to this one to set the stage for Peace and Harmony with in all our hearts and minds. Venus Star Point is helping release the old relationship patterns that have been stagnate, opening up a new journey of love and harmony. 

Find some quiet time to sit with yourself and create a beautiful ritual to welcome in your new beginning. Nourish your whole self for this rich Fall Season with Homemade soups and cozy up with your loved ones with the sacred fire. 

 Blessings of Ease and Grace to you!

Love Rainbow xxx



Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

You can't put a price on peace. Listen to Rainbow's New Earth  Meditation and feel grounded in less than 10 minutes.