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Awaken to the New Beginning - February 15,2021

#weeklywritings Feb 15, 2021

Welcome Beloved to your New Life,

It has been a very intense period of inner growth and revelation last few weeks, with the Lunar New Year, New Moon and Valentine's Day of Love. It's all happening at once to push us closer to our Divine Truth. What is it you may still be clinging to? Trust  Your Inner Wisdom! Just Let Go of what no longer serves you ,feel into Lightness. You are a Free and a Sovereign Being.

As, you wake and are reading this #weeklywriting today, know that you are changed and are starting a new phase of being here on Earth.

Humanity is awakening and shaking off the amnesia, of who we really are...we are remembering to be in acknowledgment, that we are Limitless Beings of Light. That we are powerful and mighty and can fly with Eagles anytime we wish. We are One Consciousness. We are Divine Love. 

Our Human bodies, hearts and minds are adjusting to this new frequency of higher cosmic energies, aligning with Mother Earth as she has Ascended. We are beginning...

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Align to Your Divinity

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2021

I have no words to describe the last few days.  Here is the truth of what has been occuring. As, it has been an extremely concentrated high intensity frequency experienced on all levels of being, that we have never experienced on this Earth plane before. WE are all having this experience whether we are fully away of it or not. Humanity is awaking to the emanate transformation that this Earth plane is going through in this NOW moment.  New Earth is Here. We are all Light Beings.

How are we weathering this storm that is deeply unearthing emotion within our beings and witnessing the external shifts falling away all at the same time. Our Divine Light from our soul has been guiding us the whole time. We are more resilient than we give our selves credit for.

Hold fast, we are in the last few weeks of this intensity. With the New Moon arriving at end of this week Feb 11, energies will easy and the clarity on all levels will surface. If you have been putting off the actions...

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Truth is Surfacing

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2021

What a wild ride this past week was on this Earth plane. The Firey Energies created a crock pot for any misalignment, ancestral cords, trapped anger and   Lots of emotions and passions to be released as we walk our Collective path back to ONENESS. We are getting closer to our truth, that has been buried deep inside our Consciousness. Our bodies hold the truth within the cellular memory, as we allow the truth to be activated, we can create more space in the body for Divine Light to enter and old energy to be let go.

Begin by listening to your physical and emotional bodies, as they will free your Spirit to soar, and create ease as you navigate your soul path back to Sovereignty. You are a Creator Being of Light and are more Powerful than you know. Break the conditioning of the mind and be free to choose what makes you Light Up with Joy. Keep asking yourself "Does this bring me joy?"

This Earth journey we are all on in this NOW moment in this plane of exsitance is what we have all...

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Stand in the Stillness

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2021

Holy Cow! Lots of very powerful energy coming in hot to our Planet Earth. 

This energy is pouring into purify our bodies, minds and hearts. It may be bringing up lots of old feelings,  fears,  hurts,  programs, and triggering even the most calm and collected among us, to shake it all loose to be transformed into Higher State of Consciousness.

None of us are exempt from recieving these transformational Light Codes.  As, we are all in this up rising of our Collective Consciousness together. Each living Being on this planet is part of this Evolution, our Mother Earth is leading the charge this time and all of us must heed her call.

She is a Divine Sacred Being and has been clearing all of the lower energies from her existence for sometime now. Now, it is Humanities turn, to follow suit in releasing all lower energies that now longer serve our Highest good.

The most effective way in which to assist this process of Ascension is to keep doing your most inner work...

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A New Year Message: Take your power back and take action

#channeledmessage Jan 17, 2021
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New Moon Blessing-January 12,2021

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2021

We are at the beginning of our new way of being. We have been going through so much expansion together as One Species, One Earth, One Consciousness.

Time to rise above the density, and fly past the clouds and reach for the Great Sun. Thank you Father Sky for your encouragement and protection, as we shift Humanity into Infinity, everlasting Love and Compassion. Thank you Mother Earth for your unlimited nourishment and grounded support as we rise together.

Thank you Grandmother Moon for your Divine wisdom and gratitude as you watch over us and guide us through the ebb and flow of Creation.

We are ready to Create a New Earth as one Consciousness,  one built on Harmony and Peace. WE can create what we wish to attract and live a life of joy and fulfilment,  in all of your dreams, shift it into reality of now.

Sending you all a beautiful New Moon Blessings and happy new beginnings too. Open your Heart to Love and Light will flood in. May you find your Heart expression and create...

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Easy into 2021 with Grace

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2020

I am bowing in deep Gratitude for all of the gifts and realizations received in 2020. I am eternally grateful for my connection to Mother Gaia, as she has led me back to my origins.

To be in this new awareness of who I am today, I have been able to go within to rediscover my own truths to remember and honour all that I am in this physical form. I embrace my beauty and magic.

This is what I am bringing with me as I step into 2021. Here is an opportunity to Release it all, right now.

As, I Let Go and Surrender of any Resistance, Pain, Ego, Self Doubt and Deep Trauma. I  accept and free my whole self to choose how I wish to live in my Heart and attract abundance and joy.  I choose to enter this New Year with ease and grace and whole heartedly love myself and show others how to do the same by being an example of how to be embodied, grounded and conscious of all living beings, as we begin a new way of being on Earth. 

I do this not only for my own existence but for my...

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Solstice Celebration Dec 21/2020

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2020

Happy Solstice Everyone!!

What a Beautiful Energy that we are being Gifted!

This day has always been celebrated by our Ancestors, celebrating the Return of the Light in our dark winter months. WE would light a big Fire and sing, drum and dance around this light. Connect to our Mother Earth and her magical existence. 

Today, the energy all around us  will be extremely divine. There will be a couple of spectacular events going on in our Galaxy to shift us into a New Age of Aquarius, Grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter aligning a new Consciousness, new way of being Human and the Grand Rising of our Central Sun.

You are the Light that we all celebrate today. Returning to your true existence of Being. We are all in this amazing journey together side by side. You are powerful and have so many offerings and gifts of Grace, anchoring Heaven on Earth to share with all of Humanity.

What is happening in this Now moment. We are coming together to continue to Create our...

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Shine Your Light 12/12/20

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2020

Hope this communication finds you well in this Now moment! Sending you so much Love and Light as the Beauty and Magic surrounds you.

We have arrived at this day, 12/12/20 a huge Portal day opening us to the energies of the 21/12/20 Solstice Celebration.  We will ride this high vibe energy wave until 31/12/20. 

This year's Solstice is extra special, as we are truly celebrating the Return of our Divine Light, as we align with our Truth and Galactic Sun is activating Mother Earth to Ascend into the Higher Consciousness. We have so much to celebrate and be grateful for at this time in our Human History. WE have arrived at this new timeline of our evolution.

We are all awakening out of this "Deep Sleep" that All of Humanity has been in for a very longtime. More and more humans are coming on line to witness who they are and that they are remembering their origins and connections to this beautiful planet Earth. 

We the Collective Consciousness are realizing that we are on a...

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