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Big Energy Shifts - Final Push - Week November 22/23

#weeklywritings Nov 23, 2020
Be EVER So GENTLE with yourself, as we weather this storm together!  
This has been a stretch in every direction of your life. You have been going through an expansive growth period for what probably seems like years. You are not alone in this process, for all of Humanity is experiencing this on some level of Beingness. 
Each of us has had to go deep into our inner world to Let go of the things that no longer resonate as we move onto our intended paths, moving forward to higher frequencies of understanding to see the bigger picture. Here is the Big picture.
Truthfully, as we begin to rise above the density of the Collective we can be witness to the peeling away of the falsehoods and lies that we have been fed for far too long.  
I was prompt to write this to you today, as the energy is shifting again. It is opening like never before, so we can really see the truth of our existence in this moment. 
In this, Now moment, what are you...
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Love is in our Roots.

#weeklywritings Nov 15, 2020
We are still feeling the beautiful waves and energies of 11/11 today. This was a huge
breakthrough for Humanity. The Global Energy Grid of Our Mother Earth has shifted into higher dimensions and Higher Consciousness. Bathing now in a much more cosmically connected support system.
Many Light Beings came together Yesterday in Meditation to activate the Grid that is weaving us all together as ONE UNIFIED FIELD. Thank you Grandmother Spider.
WE are living, breathing and co-creating a new existence for all of Humanity to step into in this NOW moment.
Ask yourself: What can we each contribute to elevate the Human Consciousness here on Earth? Love deeply, Love yourself, Love each other, Love and grow your roots into this Earth?
This is why we have come to embody  Love in Human form. It is so beautiful when we see the amount of Love in the Human Heart that is boundless.
We are infinite Love. WE are not separate from God/Source Love.
Love your Ancient Roots,...
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