Energy Updates

"New Burst of Solar Energy is Activating some Summer Heat" June 27-July 4th

Greeting Beloveds,

So beautiful to see the sun and warmer temps arrive here in the coastal mountains. The Solstice energies were very powerful and shifted the gloomy darkness right out of this stratosphere. The solar activity theses last few days has up-levelled many of us into a different state of being. Much more elevated consciousness and has shifted our perspective of life on this planet. There is a deeper appreciation of Mother Earth and the human experience.

The burst of solar energy will assist the rise in awareness for humanity and show us we are closely connected and inspired by nature and our Mother Earth. As, many will be out enjoying the summer weather, connecting and receiving light codes, as it is short in the northern hemisphere.

We are on a new path of existense now. More are remembering their divine connections and lifetimes of being connected to the Light. We are all here to assist this planet to Unity Consciousness and it is well on its way to shape our New Earth...

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"Stormy Waters Are Transition To Calm" June 20th-June 26

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2022

Greetings Beloveds,

Hope you are finding some calm and grounding moments over these last weeks of turmoil and chaotic energies? June has been a very intense and full Month of review. It was a resounding theme post Full Strawberry super moon of deep emotional release and physical pains in body particularly felt on the right side for most of us, as we are continuing to navigate the waves of great change and letting go of the past wounding, old beliefs and control programming from Patriarchal systems.

The more we resist this evolution of our world the longer it will take for us to rise above this lower density. Many are waking up to the fact that as we are shifting into higher consciousness the controlled narrative continues to get louder, and presents more distractions of the Fear program to slow this process down for all of Humanity. This is a constant reminder for us to remember who we are and to stay grounded and ask our highest self,"What do you believe to be true?"

We have this...

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"New Growth is Emerging" June 13-18th

Greetings Beloveds,

We are all in this constant state of change, on all levels of being, we go through so much transformation, growth, shedding, death and rebirth.  Here we are now in a more obvious state of not returning to what was once familiar or comfortable, the Universe is pushing us further along to except our path, to shift the Human Consciousness, to enter a new state of awareness and move from duality to Oneness. 

This Spring in the mountains has been slow and deep, observing the undercurrents of change and nurturing the seeds deep in our soils. Winter dragged its heels to allow us to linger just a little longer in the Cave. The cool and wet temperatures have slowed all of the new Spring growth so the Collective has time to gather the strength and courage to allow this major transformation to occur. Its Happening Now!!

This week we are feeling the pull and surge of the Strawberry Super Full Moon. This will be a potent and empowering time to dream and nourish the...

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"Breathe Love into Heart" June 6-12th

Greetings Beloveds,

As we navigate these next steps forward from here, we can continue to return to our Heart centre for balance and harmonization. We have gained many new tools over these last few years. We are remembering many of our gifts and talents that have been asleep for eons.

We have reached a new point in our journeys now with many of our ancestral wounds and patterns being released. Our vision of self and how we wish to express ourselves is coming into form with more clarity and commitment to self love and appreciation. Finding our truth and authentic expression in this Earth dance.

We have had some pivotal cosmic assistance from our planets and star nations, The new energies many of you may have noticed as of the weekend. We have now entered a Saturn retrograde which will release further karmic cycles out of our existence. Many will begin to see the massive shifts that will transpire over the next few months, bringing more growth, healing and relief.

We are clearing more...

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"Cosmic Wonders" May 30-June 5

Greetings Beloveds,

The Collective has been clearing more old programming out of the mental and going deeper into our psyche to attain clarity. We are just emerging from this past eclipse season, ready now to bring in and recieve the benefits of new fresh energy that is available. Many upgrades that were experienced on the physical level. The CME levels over these last few weeks were highest and most potent reached on Earth so far. The solar flares have a great impact on our physical bodies, many us feel aches and pains, dizziness, tiredness, confusion and overwhelm. Stay hydrated and rested to ride these symptons.

Today is a new moon and this is creating a feeling of lightness, and will be especially felt after this intense period of feeling heavy. May was a big moth of transformation and inner growth, we will begin June with brightness, as we approach Summer Solstice, the return of the Light in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Many of you may be feeling flat or unmotivated...

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"Integrate with Grace" May 23-29th

Greetings Beloveds,

Many of you may still be feeling the effects of the last two eclipses. You may feel really tired all of sudden then experience a burst of energy. After a series of eclipses, these past few weeks, many are integrating the energies and moving out the old stagnate energy from the physical body, that may have been there for life times.

The Collective is waking up out of the Matrix construct and seeing the Divine truth of our diverse origins. It has been a bumpy transition from one way of being in suffering and stepping into a whole new way of experiencing the New Earth frequency, that is more sustainable and  peaceful for all living beings. This process of aligning will take time to get everyone on the same frequency.

There are many different waves of energy coming to the planet, and they will continue to push the Collective into letting go of the programs and negative aspects of our human journey. We are now free to choose how we wish to live our...

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"Flower Full Moon paired with a Lunar Eclipse"=Powerful Transformation /May 16-23

Greetings Beloveds,

Wow, what a weekend of transformation for the whole Human race! With this astrological pairing of the Scorpio Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse which is referred to as a Blood Moon. Put most of us in an emotional pool of still water spilling out at every turn. This moon was the strength and intensity of 10x moons. This event has changed us forever, we are reaching further onto our ascension path each day now. We are making great strides and progressing in alignment with the Universal Action Plan for Unity Consciousness.

May 16th is also Wesak, which was the birth of the Buddha. Many illuminated beings on the planet congregate in the Himalayas to celebrate this auspicious day. I am sure that they are all celebrating the rising of the frequency felt on the planet today as well. Humanity has turned a corner in the most positive direction, and will continue to up level and increase this amazing transformation for our precious existence.

The energy this week will...

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"Divine Mother Healing" May 9-15

Greetings Beloveds,

Still basking in the beautiful gentle energies from the past weekend, Divine Mother codes are being received by the Collective. The air is being purified and the hearts and souls are feeling this new fresh energy. As, we celebrate everything related to our Great Mother.

The rose holds this sacred energy of Divine Feminine to bloom and receive these sacred codes from Christos Sophia Consciousness. This is the highest frequency on the planet held by this amazingly decadent flower of true beauty and full of grace. The Rose is the symbol of Eternal Love. 

Collective Communities are becoming more aware of the Deep Healing that is happening in our inner child, our inner daughter/son, our inner mother/father, our inner sister/brother. We seek the nourishment and hear the soul whispers of encouragement and growth towards evolution as a conscious being of light.  

The Collective is putting together more of this crazy puzzle and waking to what is...

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"Abundant Blessings are Here" May 2-May 8

Beautiful Beloveds,

We have arrived in this new time and space, new timeline of awareness. We have let go of lots and purified our systems, stepped into the unknown and  shed many layers of programming and protection. This past weekend was a powerful event to celebrate and acknowledge our process thus far. The eclipse season has begun with a bang as it was paired with a New Moon in Taurus and with this we can make positive changes, ground into our soul expression to match our changing frequency.

The gateway is open to access your cosmic connections, clear what may still be blocking you from receiving abundance and feel gratitude in your heart. We are all in this transitional period of rediscovering who we are. It is becoming more clear each day as we sit and give ourselves deep reverence to just be. 

We are in a new energy of being human, new way of communicating, new way of learning how to operate from our hearts and not of the ego mind. The old world of control and...

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"Run Wild and Be Free" April 25-May 1

Hello Beloveds, 

This month of April has been the most transformational month so far. We have had solar flares and cosmic events that have not happened for hundreds of years on this planet. This amount of plasma energy coming to Earth is shifting the planet and every living thing on all levels of being. We are becoming more aware on a soul level of our existence and why we have all chosen to be here now at this time.

Underlying feelings of hope are rising with in Humanity, many are feeling the call of something wild with in their hearts and souls. They are stepping away from the systems that have held humans in despair and chaos for thousands of years. Many are transitioning out of their jobs, living conditions and relationships and are starting to live authentically and speak they're truths.  They have a deep knowing that is guiding them to Freedom and Sustainability.

Our Ancestors lived close to the rhythms of the Earth and were able to exist along side nature in a...

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