Energy Updates

"Divine Truth Will Set Us Free" Jan 3-9, 2022

Hello Beloveds,

Welcome to the new beginnings of 2022, the energy presently is fresh and activating after the intense ending of 2021. We were plunged into the darkness of the Collective the last 2 weeks of December. So were we able to successfully  release and clear the density that we held in our past. We were all given an opportunity to close the door on everything that happened to us from our past and current life. Step through free and clear into this year of 2022 and finally let go of what we have carried in our DNA for centuries, including the old stories we have believed about ourselves and narratives from the outside of us.  

We are now putting our focus and directing our energy into moving forward in a positive and efficent way of being. With a deeper understanding of how to better navigate our Human journey as "One Consciousness" on our Beautiful Mother Earth. Coming together in a way that we have never done before. Holding in our hearts more Compassion and Love...

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"Stand Tall and Be Proud" Dec 27-Jan 2, 2022

Hello Beloveds,

As we wind down our final week of 2021, we have an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come. This has been a year of tremendous soul growth and deep awareness.  Going inward to be witness to our own transformation and integration of how we are all evolving. 

Stand Tall and Be Proud of how far you have come through all of this Global Bull  S%#@. We have let go of the old stories and begun to heal our Linages and walk a new Path that is unfolding before us. As, We trust in the Sacred Divine Knowledge, we see the Truth that has always been here in the land and in every living being. The blindfold is off and we are able to see the Divine Energy in Everything and is all around us.

WE are "The Light Hearted Warriors of Peace" who are ready to create the New Earth. We have been training for this our whole lives. We have navigated the pitfalls and heartaches, the disappointments and sacrifices.  

You are emerging triumphant in your Beautiful Quest...

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"Return of the Sacred Light at Solstice" Dec 21-26

Hello Beloveds,

We have been praying for this time to come in our Human existence for so long. The Sacred Divine Light has returned to our Planet. Many of us gathered last night for Solstice celebrations around the world to sing and drum together, to gather our hearts and sit around the sacred fire. To keep the inner fire alive within our hearts and souls. 

We have come along way in our understanding of what this means for all of Humanity to evolve into Unity Consciousness. The Sacred Circle and Fire is part of our ancientness, our deep knowing and remembering who we are. When we come together in ceremony or stand together we are strengthened, we are inspired by the songs and the hopeful energy is communicated,  that is unspoken. We just know that we are in community and we love and support each other.

As the old world is now in complete and utter chaos, those that have the stability and tools to assist others in our Collective, will step forward to lead. They...

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"Conscious Divine Union" Dec 13-21

Hello Beloveds,

The Shift is underway, the gateways and portal of 12/12 opened to our Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine journey has been initiated. The Divine Feminine has been holding space for our Divine Masculine to step into to this sacred dance of coming together as one Violet Flame for such a very long time. To burn in the hearts of Humanity to ignite the unconditional Love that is available to all living beings of Light.

Our beautiful Pachamama Gaia is ascending to a higher state to hold this higher frequency for all her children to join her in the New Earth. So, as the hearts of many embrace this energy we will transition over this next week into Oneness and be separate no more. 

This will be a very powerful week leading up to Solstice. The power and magic of this time will inspire those who open and accept the Light codes, and remember their true identities of being Infinite Light Beings here to raise the Consciousness of this Planet to the...

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"Inner Quiet Reflection" Dec 6-12

Hello Beloved,

How are you doing after this powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse energies from Friday?

It has been a really wild and whirly ride this past week. This blast of the highest light frequency energy has brought many things to the surface to witness, acknowledge, and be released from our existence, for the greater good of ourselves, and others.

This period of being on the other side of this event, is to go inwards for a time to quietly reflect on what has shifted and be aware of what you wish to bring out through your true heart expression. Allow the integration to take place to receive the clarity that is coming to you in each moment. We are freely being able to release old karma from our different life times and our linages. As, we clear all of this density, our bodies are able to better integrate the light codes and activations effortlessly.

Be extra gentle on yourself this week, drink lots of pure water, take a walk in Nature, be very still, meditation will be very...

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"Move like Water" Nov 29-Dec 5

Hello Beloveds,

Another wild week of storms one after the other here on the West Coast. There has been a lot of solar activity in the upper atmosphere,  creating some havoc here on Earth. Which has contributed to us experiencing the Atmospheric River, hitting All of BC. As, we witness these weather events on the outside, it can give us the opportunity to create a calming on the inner landscape so that we are better able to navigate and ride out these biblical storms.

Mother Earth is such an amazing teacher of all things ancient and wild. We are integrating so much intense energy at this time. Our subtle bodies will be better prepared to anchor in more of the God Source frequency to shift our Consciousness to Unification, as we clear out the density.

The Universe has a master plan for us here on this Earthly plane of existence. It is a one we can hardly imagine, it is so beautiful and so exquisite, that it is hard for us to wrap our heads around. Because it is not imagined in...

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"Afterglow of the Eclipse" Nov 22-28

Hello Beloveds,

Many of us will be feeling this refreshed energy, after the weekend of pushing through the past, letting go of patterns and programs that no longer serve us but have been with us for so long. We have released so much stagnant energy from our beings. The Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon was very intense. It really was the last push of rebirth into this new perspective of seeing the world in a new light. This process of evolving is experienced differently for everyone, and on each persons own unique timeline.

The more you awaken to this new reality, the more compassion and love you will have for each other. This is what it truly is to be living in human form. To live with an open heart, share your gifts and be so aware that each person on this planet is connected to you.

We are being woven back together in our differences, our colours, and ways of communicating. We are a multi-coloured Tapestry. As you feel the weaving of it all, you know that you belong. You are a part of...

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"Eclipse of the Moon" - Nov 15-21

Hello Beloveds,

Prepare for the upcoming eclipse season, with the first one fast approaching  for this Friday November 18-19th. Full Moon and Eclipse energies collide bringing a deep awareness to our emotions and any toxicity in our systems. Your intuition has been aware of this transformative and it is ramping up as we lead up to this weekend. 

What is an eclipse and why do we feel them so strongly? The moon is shadowed by Earth and goes into darkness, the sun rays are blocked. It highlights an opportunity to look at our shadow side and release that which is no serving us as anymore, then we can transform and evolve our consciousness with less density in our whole being. As our body, mind and heart clear our spirt can embody with ease.

This is felt by everyone, the Collective is under this massive expansion and growth period to dissolve the old systems that have held Humanity in flux and confusion of our truth for a very long time. If you are feeling this energy...

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"Choose You in This Moment" Nov 8-14

Hello Beloveds,

Sending Sacred Blessings of Love and Compassion to you All! This past week was intense energy moving us closer to our Truest Form of Embodiment and alignment with higher self. We are all being asked to stand in our sacred centre of Heart and listen to the whispers of deep ancient wisdom that is continually guiding us to our original authentic self in this Human form.

With the internal guidance becoming more clear, we notice that we are receiving more Universal affirmations, gifting us an opportunity to make better choices and ultimately see with a new lens and perspectives that we are now able to choose ourself first and prioritize our well being on all levels of being. As we stand firm in our centre and set boundaries for others and catch ourselves in motion before we revert back to the old programs and habits. Things will begin to be less dense and there will be a lightness that returns to your soul.

What is happening on a cellular level is that you are...

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"Sacred Voices" Nov 1-7

Hello Beloveds,

Well here we are now nearing the finish line of 2021. What a year of growth and transformation. Time has quickened and sometimes left us breathless, but now in this present moment we are beginning to feel lightness and free. I cannot even begin to imagine what each person on this planet has injured. I do know that we have all changed in the most miraculous way.

We have overcome adversity, painful past memories, set backs in all shapes and  we continue to rise out of the ashes and see new beginnings and beautiful opportunities to chose a different life. Look how far you have come. So Beautifully life is shifting and taking a different form.

As we clear the past and embrace this freshness and new perspective, we are able to feel our hearts and connect them to our voice. A deeper appreciation of how to use our sacred voice for divine expression. Connecting us all to our roots and to our Oneness. To our deep knowing and ancient knowledge. 

Are you ready to step...

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