Energy Updates

"Stillness is Golden" Oct 25-Oct 31

Hello Beloveds,

Hope this transmission finds you standing in the calm of the storm? The massive energy waves have been very intense these past weeks, but the upside is that they are pulling a lot of stagnate and old energy out that was stored in our bodies, minds and cellular memories. You may be feeling somewhat lighter or less anxious. More clear of what is the necessary next step for your evolution and path.

As your whole being begins to integrate to this new way of being you will be able to feel the stillness and peace of mind return and the nervous system will regulate faster and more efficiently. We are understanding this whole accession process much more now as we open up to the infinite possiblities. 

The energies this week will be big and transformative for the whole of the Collective. As we are moving closer to the time of year when the veil is very thin. There is magic in the air and the Spirit world is ready to reveal itself to the human world in a very special way....

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"Awareness of the Mystical Energies" Oct 18-24

Hello Beloveds,

October has been a massive month of transformation and inner discoveries and realizations of our deepest ancient knowledge being activated within our cellular memories for us to remember and reclaim our Sovereignty.

The more our systems are cleared of the old programs and patterns of our past,  the purest form of Unity Consciousness is absorbed by the Collective. It comes down to the expanding awareness of the mystical energies in the Universe that has spurred us onto engaging in our evolution of Humanity, as we are changing rapidly now. We have been in the cocoon state long enough, the metamorphosis is well underway. We will learn to fly my beautiful Butterflies.

As we continue to unearth the density of our current consciousness, be gentle on yourselves this week as more is to be revealed, to be released and set free. It will be most felt on Oct 20th-22nd this week. Rest if you feel tired and weary, fill up your soul with nourishment from our Mother Earth....

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"Journey to Deep Gratitude" Oct 11-Oct 17

#channeledmessage Oct 11, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

Today I bow my head in deep gratitude for this life, this beautiful journey and all that I have experienced on Earth. In quiet reflection, we can stand still in the centre and observe our life, to step into a new awareness of what this life is and how you wish to navigate it and to experience all that is available.

Humanity is now at this new place of awareness, of choice, which path do you choose? We are becoming more aware as a Collective, the fact that we can choose how we live, communicate and experience this unfolding magical journey. We are all at different levels of this unfolding, but the deeper we dig and uncover the more we want to unearth, to see all that we are made of and all that we are experiencing is truly a miracle. We are changing rapidly in the grand scheme of the Universe.

Here is an invitation to step outside the boundaries of the mind and explore the inner landscape off your being. This journey will guide you into to the most wondrous places of...

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"Bring Home the Harvest" Oct 4-Oct 10

Hello Beloveds,

Welcome to Fall Harvest time, this is a special time of year for us here in the Northern Hemisphere.  We are preparing for colder months ahead, bring in the Harvest and appreciating the sunny days, as we begin to loose daylight and witness longer colder nights. This weeks energy is ramping up to darkest night of new moon in Libra on October 6th. We will be asked to look at our shadow self and release all that is not in alignment and release those things that have been lurking deep with in our inner landscape.

The Collective is really feeling this one, it is going to prompt many to ask why they are feeling so much? Why they are feeling heavy and why they are feeling so much more density and activation? This big energy is for us to change what is not working and rely on our remembrance, to retrieve our gifts from all the lives we have practiced higher Consciousness. We have learned many things and remember why we are here on Earth Now at this "Time of Great...

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"Purification Ceremony" Sept 27-Oct 3

Hello Beloveds,

We are Collectively moving through a deeper layer of awareness and understanding of our journey of evolution. We are beginning to stabilize and integrate the upgrades in our bodies as we are increasing our frequency.  What is needed now is to clear the old energy from our systems to make room for the higher frequencies.

The Sweat Lodge Ceremony is a sacred purification ceremony that is practiced all over the world in a spiritual way of connecting to our Mother Gaia and commune with Creator, our Ancestors, guides and animal spirits. To pray for ourselves, family, community and our Passed ons(Ancestors and loved ones). 

We are also in an energy this week of releasing the outdated parts of ourselves that are not aligning with our lives moving into forward on a new way of being. We are coming into balance with our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We are in the throws of unravelling all that is not our truth, and releasing all things, people, behaviours,...

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"The Path is Forward" Sept 20-26 Full Moon in Pisces/Fall Equinox

We are heading into a Big Energy Week of Transition, Purification  allow the old to dissolve. The Full Moon is always about release what no longer serves and it just so happens to be paired up with The Fall Equinox. We are being primed to release anything that now longer serves us moving forward onto our intended Paths.

This is an opportunity to purify and shed the outdated versions of ourselves. The skin that we have outgrown so we can grow anew one that feels true and authentic one of alignment and pure of Heart. The one that aligns with our deepest knowing of self. You are the only one who really knows what it feels like to be comfortable in your own skin. When one follows the heart and soul guidance the path is revealed and the journey is rich and effortless.

What do you choose to move effortlessly onto the path that allows you to express your souls desires. This is the moment when the Universe ask you, "Do remember who you are now? Do you see the power and beauty with in...

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"Moving Forward onto Your Path" Sept 13-19

#channeledmessage Sep 13, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

Was able to take off sometime last week for Labour day and spend time with family.  Hope you are enjoying the September freshness in the air, as we begin our seasonal turn into Fall Equinox. We are moving forward in the right direction towards a big release of energy. That is so necessary after the intense heat and pressure that the Collective has been under for some length of time. 

However you have been navigation this energy, you will have noticed that you are becoming more sure of the direction you are been drawn too and are now able to see with a different perspective, that your inner knowing is strengthening. You are releasing the things that are not in alignment with you as you move forward in to a much higher frequency of being. 

The integration of absorbing more light into your system has been clearing the density that has been there for a longtime. You will be feeling lighter now and have a deeper clarity to now step forward onto what you are...

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"Ancient Knowledge is Sacred" Aug 30-Sept 5

Hello Beloveds,

The energy has been intensifying these last few days after the Full Moon on the 22nd of August. Not to mention added Solar Flares to the mix, this week may be bumpy for the Collective as we navigate the landscape of our own inner world. And unplug from the chaos outside of us. Humanity is feeling confused and divided over so many issues. Which way is up?  Find your centre. 

Your job right now is to savouring the last dog days of Summer, and stay centred in your own Being. Practice your grounding and centring meditation each morning. Close your eyes and breathe...tune into your Heart. What do you notice? You have the Ancient Wisdom with in your Being.

This photo was creatively put together by [email protected] this evokes our  ancient knowledge, the drum medicine with the fern, both very ancient, together they ask us to look deeper into our own knowing, our ancient existence. Also displaying the fragility of our beautiful existence. 


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"Walk to the Beat of Your Own Drum" Aug 23-29

#channeledmessage Aug 24, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

What a powerful Weekend, noticing energy this week that is encouraging us to go deeper into our inner world of Magic. Are you ready to break free of old patterns , are you ready to wrap up loose ends, is there a lot of change ahead? We are still experiencing the Blue Moon in Aquarius effects and feeling the cooling down of the fire of Leo which allows us to gently walk into the calm waters of Virgo. 

We Humans have now completed another phase of our evolution, moving closer to Unity Consciousness. Exceeding and deepening our awareness of our own existence. Our gifts and talents are emerging and becoming very clear. We are seeing beyond this old world and shifting towards focusing on our New Earth.

Remain focused on yourself, reaching out for assistance to release and make room for your new energy and dreams to become clear to move forward with abundant life force. Pay attention to your breathe and where your energy is going in the moment. If you...

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"Ceremony for Self" August 16-22

Hello Beloveds,

We will have a slight pause for reflection and intergration this week, after all the movement from the DNA clearing and letting go. July/August have been a most interesting time to really look deep into our past and to shed all of the traumas we have been carrying for generations.  We are all now waking to the fact that we can shift this old paradigm. And step into what is our truth and authentic destiny.   

We have received so many Light Codes to assist us in our transformation. We are getting closer and closer to completing our Human mission of creating "Peace on Earth".  New Earth is really Here, Our truth is being revealed behind the big heavy curtain of deceit and untruths. 

 We are heading towards a powerful Full Moon on Sunday Aug 22 with extreme energies for an opportunity to re-birth and re-calibrate our Souls. This may be the perfect time to create a "Ceremony for Yourself", to honour all that you are and all that you are...

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