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"Feeling the After Glow of the Pink Moon" April 18-24

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2022

Hello Beloveds,

This portal of new beginnings is open and allowing the Collective to shift into total transformation. This is the time of change and awareness recieving our holy existence is becoming more clear and transparent as the veil is being revealed. Our priorities have shifted, as we have a deeper understanding and appreciation of what really brings us joy and happiness. 

For this has been the Quest all along. The dream and journey have now merged into this divine existence, we are at the beginning again. We can create and choose how we live this life. We are at the rebirth stage of Conscious awareness.

Today, we are all reborn into this beautiful experience of life and living our truth. We, the Collective chose to be here on Earth at this time in our history to bring this experience into form. It is time to lay down the resistance and surrender to our destiny. We are living breathing beings of Light and we are ready to accept the truth of who we are, and why Earth's...

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"Time to Detox to Recharge" April 11-17

Hello Beloveds,

It has been a big week of upgrades and inner shifts, allowing yourself more space to integrate this new way of being will be very beneficial. As, we are now in between seasons, this is a great time to slow every down, prepare the soil. So when you are ready to birth new ideas and embrace Spring,  you will have more energy and be more focused to do so with fresh eyes.

Spending time in Nature can reset your nervous system and activate cellular memory to attune and remember that you are connected to all living things on Earth. You are an organic part of Nature, as the trees, rivers and rocks. When we observe the silence around us, we can hear the whispers of our soul, and the Universe will communicate with us in this sate of being.  

This week the Earth will be receiving many Solar blasts, and is also experiencing a cosmic planetary alignments, Jupiter and Neptune are in an exact conjunction this week. The energy may intensify mid week. Our bodies have been...

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"Bridge the Sky to Mother Gaia" April 4-10

Hello Beloveds,

We have all weathered some very big energetic storms in these last few weeks. Most are weary and are on the brink of giving up. But there are also many that  are ready and preparing for next phase the World will experience. Hope for Peace is on the horizon.

We are now gaining our inner strength back to grow and nourished our roots deeper into the the rich earth of our Mother Gaia and at the same time reach for the sky connection to our star ancestors, so we can access our memories. Many of the Humans on Earth at this time are remembering who they are and why they are here.

We are the "Warriors of Light & Peace" and we are ready to step forward to lead the people to see, feel the and experience of the New Earth Frequency that is all around us. All that we have experience until now, has shown us that this was the only way in which we would wake up to realize that we are "Magical Beings of Light." We are the Rainbow Bridge.

The last two years have been hard and...

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"Shine Like a Diamond" March 28-April 4

Hello Beloveds,

We are all awakening into acceptance of what we are made of... PURE MAGIC & STARDUST!  We are feeling more comfortable in our bodies, integrating and adjusting to our new way of being in full alignment. We are becoming more free to move and grow as the Multidimensional Beings that we are. We are Remembering...EVERYTHING.

Go gently into the acceptance... that we are shiny and brilliant stars on the inside and that we can now emit this beauty out into the world from our beautiful soul spirits, to assist the changes that are on there way to shape our New Earth. 

We are becoming Crystal Diamond Plasma within, we will shine like Diamonds. Our consciousness is shifting to Unity and Oneness with The Divine. We are able to absorb the light from the Great Central Sun, turning our pain into power, transforming it into Infinite Love. When the SunlightLight hits the water and the water ripples, it looks like tiny diamonds on the water dancing.  "Come and dance...

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" Spring into New Beginnings " March 21-27

Hello Beloveds,

Welcome to first full day of Spring. It is a new beginning, an opportunity to clear out the old energies, organize your sacred space and begin to make room to bring in beautiful abundance.

Fine tune your practice of Sacred Smudge Ceremony to remove the density in your environment. Drum in what you desire. This is the start of a whole new chapter. How do you envision this new story into existence?

The old energies of the past are winding out of our world now. This energy we feel now is fresh and becoming uncomplicated. We are now seeing this world with more clarity and understanding how we are now able to shift it.

This Spring is inspiring us all to get out in Nature to reconnect and learn from Our Beautiful Mother Gaia, we are able to tune in with all our senses to the sounds, feels, smells and tastes. The rain is purifying and nourishing the Earth, encouraging  the new shoots to break through from beneath the earth as it is  spectacular to witness this...

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"Eternal Light is Within" March 14-20

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2022

Hello Beloveds,

We have arrived at a new place in our Human existence. The amount of Cosmic light that is hitting the Earth right now is off the chart. It is shifting the Collective into reaching higher states of Consciousness and clearing out the negative influences of our whole systems. Over the next week it will continue to ramp up as we approach the Spring Equinox on Sunday. 

This is a rebirth process that each individual can choose to experience. We are all going through this to evolve our Humanity into a more sustainable and united experience.  As we continue to unravel the past and unearth the shadow side of ourselves, we are then free to except the truth of our eternal existence. 

We are all waking to the truth of how we have been blinded and controlled by the powers that be. The cracks and flaws in all the systems are beginning to now crumble.

We the people are more powerful and are ready to step forward to shine our Divine Light and reclaim what is our God...

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"Release/Renewal Start the Fire" - March 7-14

Hello Beloveds,

It has been a tough and uncomfortable week of intense energies. These energies are coming into highlight what needs to be released from our systems. We are left to self-examine and soul search for our own inner truth. What is still lingering in your system? Creating havoc? Blocking and shutting down your light?

One of the golden nuggets this week has been a practice in the art of creating boundaries. The Fire element is protective and will lovingly increase your ability to protect your own energy. It's time to "Start the Fire" and keep the fire stoked within your belly. The Fire element is helpful in clearing out and purifying so much unnecessary baggage, that most are not aware that they are totting around from relationship to relationship. Once you have been burned by the same pattern over and over again. It hits you like a ton of bricks.

You are your own witness to how you let all of this deeply embedded programming go. You are powerful, brave, and deserve to live...

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"Reset/Rebirth for March" Feb 28-Mar 6

Hello Beloveds,

As we wind down the month of February, we will experience a lot of endings and clear out the old energies of the Patriarchal, to make room for more abundance and opportunities to flood into our lives. This world is experiencing many different chaotic events, we are coming out of a world pandemic that has keep us in a suppressed state for so long. In Canada we witnessed the power of the people, rise to stand up for our freedom to choose. 

There was a lot of movement and change that occurred this past month. The truth is being revealed and uncovered to the world to witness. We are now preparing for the new beginnings of March this week and the first new moon in Pisces on March 2nd. This will usher in a fresh new energy for the start of Spring to inspire us to grow and allow the new shoots to expand our awareness of our higher consciousness. It will be magical. And full of potential.

Birds are singing their songs of joy and excitement of warmer days is in...

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"Step through the 2222 Portal" February 21-27

Hello Beloveds,

Welcome the portal energies, they are already here! February 22,2022 will be the opening to our visions and deep knowing of why we are here on this planet. We are returning to our inner balance and harmony. We as a Collective have reached our new timeline of Unification with Mother Gaia and all of Humanity. 

We are being supported by the Universe to not fear the unknown but to embrace "All That Is" LOVE. This 2222 is a code from the Universe that resides with in each of us. It will be activated to allow you to step into accepting new ways or opportunities to align with your original soul blueprint. 

We are connecting with our own truth and will anchor the Divine Light into our whole beings to breathe in Love and compassion for all living beings in all Universes, all Galaxies, all planes of existents.  It is Done, It is Done, It is Done!

The Lions are awakening and beginning to roar with commitment and courage in their Hearts. We know who we are and...

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"Happy Heart Day" Feb 14-20

Hello Beloveds,

Wishing you a Happy Heart Day! We are being blasted with so much light and activation for our cells to clear, cleanse and remember who we really are. We are love, compassionate and connected to "All That Is" unconditional Universal Love.

How do you see yourself? Love what you see, Love every part of yourself. There is a lot of commercialism around this day. And undue press to have a lover or partner. This is not real, it is another attempt to guilt people into showing affection that is not coming from heart. If anything Love yourself today and begin a new practice of treating yourself with such tender love and admiration. It is really beautiful to receive a gesture of love from our loved ones. But this would be much more appreciated if it was more that just one day of the year.

The energy this week is going to be ramping up as we get closer to Leo Full Moon feels for Feb 16/17. This will be a prelude to the next big portal and gate way day to 2/22/22 next week. Some...

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