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"Trust your Awakened Heart" July 5/2021

#channeledmessage Jul 05, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

Here is the truth of the Awakened Heart, it is recording every experience you have ever gone through. It holds all that your soul can bear. This human heart has an extreme intelligence that goes beyond our understanding. Be kind and patient with this beautiful part of yourself as this is the portal to all the love you have access to from the Universe.

We are all on this experiential journey of discovery, each one of us has a unique experience of how we will navigate this ascension journey. The key is to listen to the Heart and its prompts to guide you home to your authentic self. As, the Heart has always been awake and ready to guide you to your own deep ancient knowing.

This week will be high energy and the connection to allowing the body to talk and integrate higher frequencies of Solar Plasma which will activate our cells to remember more of your actual DNA.  

From July 3-7th, we will be feeling the Sirius Gateway which is a portal opening between Earth and...

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"Coming Together in Sacred Circle"-June 28,2021

#weeklywritings Jun 28, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

What an intense stormy few months we have weathered personally and Collectively. There was so much Cosmic activity pushing us to see and feel everything, there was the eclipses that kicked off the deep diving into the shadow self and Summer Solstice gave us the inner reflection of how each person on this planet can contribute to the whole. We are beginning to understand the bigger picture of how Humanity is capable of evolving into Higher Unity Consciousness. More of the Collective are choosing Sovereignty and Freedom.

The heat of Summer is upon us and the time of being apart is over. This time of year we want to just lay by the lake and socialize with friends and family. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is fleeting and is over before we get to really embrace it. This year is different, people are so ready to gather and celebrate, engage in deep conversations and cherish the human connection and companionship. 

Get out there and have some fun, slow...

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"Ready to Soar Above the Density" June 20/21,2021

#weeklywritings Jun 21, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

The tides have turned, we are slowly emerging into who we truly are, we are choosing Freedom over Oppression. Today, we celebrate Summer Solstice, the Light of the Sun is sending massive light codes to assist us in shifting and expanding our awareness to Higher Consciousness. To embrace our worthiness and really Love who we are and who we are becoming, as we grow and learn to understand that we have had the wisdom within our Beings the whole time. It is time to celebrate !!!

You may be noticing more Peace and calm after the intensity of energy this past week and weekend. We will be integrating new energies into the body and have expansion in the mind, clearer thoughts of affirmative action, feel more organized and embodied. Ready to Roll up your sleeves and get to work on your intended mission.

This week there will be a lot of magic in the air with the warm glow of the Strawberry Full Moon and some residual energy of the Solstice power lingering for rest of June. As,...

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"We Walk Together in Unity"

#channeledmessage Jun 14, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

This past week we have crossed over into a New Chapter of our Human existence as the Solar Eclipse facilitated this huge shift in conjunction with the New Moon. The Collective is coming into a greater understanding of what we have been experiencing over these last 18 months. The Fog is clearing from the Veil and the Higher Realm is being revealed.  We have all experienced on a personally and globally level, the internal shifts, clearings and deep healing, that have brought us to this Now Moment in Conscious Awareness. 

We have actually gone through a Re-Birthing of Humanity. You may have noticed that it feels like you are living in two worlds. The Earth under your feet does not feel very stable. You may have had moments of dizziness, and light headed feelings through out the last few days. As, you begin to integrate this new frequency and a greater internal shift into a higher state of Consciousness you will notice that you will begin to attract your tribe....

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"Balance Your Energies"-June 7-11/21

#channeledmessage Jun 07, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

We have made it through another transformative week of Big Energies coming to our planet, to assist "All of Humanity". This week's energies will be ramping up leading up to June 10th for Solar Eclipse event, will be visible in North America. 

The theme for this week is to be totally present with yourself and focus on any imbalances in your system. Your main job for the next few days is to rest and restore your inner peace. Listen to your body, as it will be sensitive and reactive to you overriding your system preference. The more you are still and quiet, the better you will ride these intense waves of Purification.  Most importantly is to Surrender to the Love you have within you, allow it to flourish and expand your Heart portal.

We have all come along way this year already, so many shifts of how you many be perceiving, you're emotional, mental and physical self.   What has been the most significant change you have notice in your overall Being-ness?...

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"Stand in Trust"-Acceptance of True Self

#channeledmessage May 31, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

I know that this journey has been a long and arduous one.  We have reached completion of the old cycle. We are now entering a different phase,  one where we choose what is best for our highest good. One that aligns with our truth and knowing. One that creates stability and sustainability for the Collective.

As each Human reaches the point of acceptance of who they are, there is a radical shift in the whole Collective Consciousness.  

This week we are still feeling the effects of the Lunar Eclipse and about to go through a Solar Eclipse. So, don't be too surprised or shocked on how things are now speeding up to push us into this new awareness of seeing the truth. It is becoming more clear that we have shifted so much in the last few months. We have discovered that we are more resilient. We are more powerful as One Unified Field of Consciousness. We have a Voice that is being heard as we align with one another on this new path.

June will be a...

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Start of Eclipse Season "Boundaries are Key"

#weeklywritings May 24, 2021

Hello Beloved,

All I can say is "Fasten your seatbelts", it could get bumpy and turbulent.  The last few days have been intense for many, with so much light coming to the planet, off the chart blasts of Solar Energy.  This is creating many ripples in the Earth's atmosphere and for all us inhabitants down on the ground. 

The Energy is ramping up for the start of the Eclipse season, this week May 25/26, first Lunar Eclipse of the year and a Flower Full Moon. The winds are high and stirring things up deep within the soul. You will now be able to release those emotions and feelings that have been stored in your cells and DNA that no longer serve you moving forward as you adapt to a more regulated nervous system. 

It might be easier to start putting your needs first as the intensity increases, saying No to things that are not in alignment and to be more clear in your communications and setting firmer boundaries with others. As, this is your opportunity to work on your...

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"Endless Possibilities Are Here Now"

#channeledmessage May 17, 2021

Hello Beloved, 

What a powerful week of incoming Light to Our Planet. It was felts as waves, of high energy and then exhaustion in a matter of minutes. By now, you should be an expert at surfing these waves of different energies. Your body is adapting to this much lighter frequency, if you are unplugging from the density, and resting when your body says, go slow and steady, you are attuning to the guidance of your Higher Self.

We are not here to fight the system, we are not here to be right or wrong, we are here to Be our Infinite Expression of Love, Light and Compassion. The Path of Least Resistance is Here Now, follow your Heart and the Lightness that you Be.

Trust that you know the way, because you do! You are not lost, you have always known the way as it is coded in your cells, they are coded with intelligence as they are Divine Omnipresence from the Heavens. Even the people that will come onto your path have been chosen by you, each experience and even the hard falls have...

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Deepen Your Roots in Love

#channeledmessage May 10, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

Here we are again, remembering our Mothers on this Day in May. Celebrating our connections and memories of how deep our connections go back. From our Mothers to our Grandmothers to our ancient Grandmothers, we are connected to all of them, in all forms of Mother Energy.

If we can deepen our roots to all things Mother represents, all forms of healing and Love can transform us too. As, we embrace all things Mother, we are reminded that we are safe and loved. We can relate from that place of unconditional love. Care for one another, our family, our community, our Nation and  our Planet. 

Can you imagine how this Mother Energy can and is transforming our Planet right now. We all have this wisdom stored in our cells, the ancient knowledge that is passed down in our stories, our linage and our Love for our Mothers. Love and respect for Mother Earth, our true Mother.

We Humans are more than capable of transforming the Earth into a beautiful, harmonized and loving...

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"Emergence From The Depth"

#weeklywritings May 03, 2021

Hello Beloved,

Are you ready to release the old belief system that has held you in this looping program? We have been hardwired for so long in giving our power away to those we fear or who we perceive as having power over us. The Truth is being revealed.

It is time to shed the old self and stand in your power, this shedding of the old skin, will allow the new self to emerge from a place of knowing who you are and trust in your soul guidance. Snake medicine is present, allow yourself to shed and grow a new skin, new perspective, fresh eyes and rise up with this new found energy.  

This past weekend we celebrated "Beltane" fire festival also known as May Day. This is a very potent time to commune with the Faerie Realm and Mother Earth as Spring and new growth are in full swing. The plants and animals are in full expansion of their expression, inspiring us to do the same. 

We have acknowledged our journey through the darkness (winter) and we can now rejoice and receive the...

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