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Stand up and Rise

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2021

Hello Beloved,

We are rising and elevating our Collective Hearts into Oneness. DO YOU FEEL IT?

THE ENGERY HAS SHIFTED THIS WEEKEND IN PREPARATION FOR THE PINK FLOWER FULL MOON APRIL 26,2021. We are now able to acclimate the higher frequencies that have been pounding Earth now for sometime. Our bodies have adjusted to the intensities and can integrate them better now.

As, we begin to feel more settled in our bodies the nervous system can ease into and accept this UPRISING that is happening on the planet right now. Many are feeling more positive and more empowered as they take back their power and begin to make choices that are made by a sovereign being standing in a peaceful Heart. 

The Voices are many, Beautiful Hearts are filling with lightness and freedom. As each Heart comes online to embrace its own unique expression, it inspires the Collective to do the same. This is why we chose to be here at this time in our history, to inspire one another and Walk each other home in the...

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Take Your Power Back - Repost from Jan 2021

#channeledmessage Apr 19, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

This video is a message that I did back at the beginning of 2021.

This is the the message that I also received this weekend. The energies are moving very fast now, and the timelines are collapsing as we step closer to creating "Heaven on Earth".  Each Human is responsible for their own path and choses.

Keep choosing you first and reclaim your power. You are so much more powerful than you know. or then you can imagine. 

Keep dreaming big and live in your Heart. Fill it with Joy, Love and Compassion.

This is why we are all here to learn and keep evolving into Expression our Divine Selves. 

Love and Blessings to you! May peace be in your heart and all around you.

Love always,


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Freedom is Here

#channeledmessage Apr 12, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

Wishing you many many beautiful blessings today. This is how it starts, be in your true state of being, open to receive and love who you are. 

"Self-Love is the highest frequency that attracts to you everything you want."

by Idil Ahmed.

This is Truth. Your true Connection to God Source Father/Mother.

Most Humans are searching for freedom and happiness. It seems so elusive, is what we are told, also has all been past down to us for generations.  We have been fed the untruths and we have been sold all of this information, through all the different channels of communication. Not From within but outside ourselves. 

You have always had the truth within your Being. You can choose Freedom in all forms of being. Free the mind, body, heart and spirit.  You have the power to reclaim and choose what is your birthright. Child of the Cosmos. You are So brillant. You are a Star.

This system that is controlling our world now is collapsing, everyday, so we can...

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A Call to All Lighterworkers

#channeledmessage Apr 05, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

Many souls are now awakening to who they are and why they are really here on Earth at this time. This is why we have come here. To shine as bright as we can, as the Way showers, the New Leaders, and Change makers of New Earth. To show our fellow Humans that is is safe to be bright and speak our truth. We are being guided now to unite on all fronts to stand as One Heart, One Consciousness. A Unified Field of Universal Love.

WE are now able to light each others flickering flames to ignite the power of change that is here to shift all Life on this planet.  WE have been waiting for this for eons. 

We are the Infinite and Eternal Flames here to show the way forward and inspire a collaboration of co-creating the New Earth built on Peace, Harmony and Compassion for a sustainable future for generations of Humans to come. Are you Ready to Join the Charge my Rainbow Warriors of Light? You will be activated in your cellular make up when you read this. If this...

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Pacha mama Coming into Balance

#channeledmessage Mar 29, 2021

Hello my Beloved,

Hope this transmission finds you well and energized as we are in the Full Glow of the Libra Moon. We are collectively feeling the massive shifts under our feet and above our heads over the last few weeks as we experienced Spring Equinox last weekend.  Such powerful transformations happening on the Planet. It has become more evident that the Earth has shifted into a more balanced stance. Allowing us to adjust to the New Higher Frequencies that are all around us. We are so supported in this massive transition by our Pacha mama.

 As we navigate this re-fresh, allow the old relationships and unbalances to be released at this potent time of this Super Moon. WE are now moving towards the deeper knowing and wisdom within our Sacred Beings. The subtle or not so subtle shifts are present, to be acknowledged and integrated into total awareness of who you are becoming. The Divine Light is rising and becoming undeniable within. We are ready to accept our Truth and...

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Connect with Pacha Mama

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2021

Hello Beloveds,

We celebrate the Spring Equinox as days are getting brighter and warmer now. What a welcome to our world right now as all is waking up and people are getting outside to connect with our Mother Earth. She is so magnificent at this time as new life is birthing everywhere. She is so alive and well.

Here is our opportunity to refresh and begin a new way of being. The Spring is inspiring us to connect deeper with Our Divine Mother as she is our giver of life. She is our nourishment on all levels of being. This time is about honouring her and reflection on honouring your whole self equally as you walk each step on this Earth. Connect with Pacha mama set intentions for your renewed energy and plant seeds for yourself, your family, your ancestors and all of Humanity.

We are ready to vision our New Earth and all that Mother Earth can support in our new growth together as One Consciousness, One Heart, One Love. 

It is time to embrace our past, have forgiveness in our...

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Dawn of a New Beginning

#channeledmessage Mar 15, 2021

Hello Beloved,

It is finally here! Dawning of a New Day, fresh new beginnings are rising in our hearts, our minds are clearing all the fog that has been there for sometime. We are rejoicing from the top of the mountains, from the fields, from the valleys and the beautiful communities across the lands. We can now see that as ONE CONSCIOUSNESS we are strong and triumphant. UNITED WE STAND!

What a WILD ROLLER COASTER RIDE it has been, to arrive in this new place of awareness. Many have stepped into who they are here to be. Absolutely brilliant magnificent BEINGS OF LIGHT!  Thank you for your faith and trust in the Divine guidance. I know that is has been challenging to trust in your own intuition and deep inner knowing, but it has all been worth the sleepless nights, the tossing and turning, the mind racing, the body shifts and frantic panicked thoughts that quickly were ready to take you down the rabbit hole at any moment.

You have all been so courageously navigating your own...

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Light of the Lotus

#weeklywritings Mar 08, 2021

Hello my Beloved,

Hope this communication finds you well this week ? March 8,2021 we are fast approaching Spring Equinox. This is a welcome time of year for all living beings of the Northern Hemisphere to celebrate the Renewal and Rebirth of Mother Earth. This has been a very complex couple of weeks, energy has been felt as overwhelm and confusion by most. Experiencing many old patterns resurfacing to be released.

This human journey of Life, is very similar to the Lotus Flower's journey to reach the Light that is very far away from were the Lotus starts its humble beginnings, deep with in the mud.

The Lotus begins its journey embedded deep under water and under the thick mud waiting to receive the first glimpse of light to encourage this long journey to the surface to open its pedals fully to the Divine Light. Showing that with the shear determination to be seen by the Divine, it will embark on this journey knowing that it will not be easy to reach the surface, but consciously...

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"Dig in Deep to See Your Brilliance"

#weeklywritings Mar 03, 2021

What to expect this week:  March 1,2021.

Hope this communications finds you well and stepping into Your Joy!  What a weekend of massive shifts and deeper awareness coming into light now, as we wrap up February. We are learning how to be more aware of allowing the uncomfortable feelings to be brought to the surface for our Beings to effortlessly release and witness the process to then step into appreciation of being in this Now moment.

We are learning more of how to stay centred and quiet without reacting and respond from a different place of deeper knowing. We are accepting ourselves with more compassion. Knowing that with gentleness and patience we will be shifting our understanding and knowing into a much more elevated place of awareness. 

What a wild ride this Life is... to be here now to evolve our Human Consciousness into Higher States of being, fully embodied and commune from a place of more Unity for all living Beings on this Beautiful Planet Earth. So, I...

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Winds of Change Are Here

#channeledmessage Feb 22, 2021

Hope this communication finds you well?  I am sure you have been feeling this intensity. Here is a Rainbow Bridge to give you hope. Walk with me. We are all on this journey together of Transformation and Unity of our current Consciousness.  The energy this weekend has been very high in cosmic frequency, transmitting waves causing lots of high pitch sound in ear and moving lots of old negative patterning of family linages out of our existence. Expect some fireworks on the emotional front this week. It is like a volcano that can release some pressure. That is how Mother Earth is able to do this too. 

Mother Earth has also been shifting and adapting to higher and higher frequencies. We will continue to experience big shifts and begin to integrate the higher 5D timeline over the next coming weeks. We are following our Divine Mother's lead in this journey back to wholeness and Oneness.

Long ago on this beautiful Planet, we were all in synchronicity, our Hearts beat...

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