Energy Updates

"We Are All Part of Nature" November 21st-28th

Dear Beloveds,

Here is a strong and potent message coming through from Spirit for this week. We have long felt that we are separate from everything and everyone. The truth of this is that we are not seperate and that we are in fact Nature through and through. We are organic living breathing beings that belong in Nature and can thrive in Nature and can co-exist and admire everything in our Nature world.

When we go to the trees in the forest, sit by the water or take a walk on the earth, we feel connected and grounded. We feel better, we feel apart of something grand and beautiful. In fact our cells become activated and begin to communicate with our surroundings. We are where we belong. We are our own medicine and nature reminds us of what we have in our cellular makeup. So if you feel unwell or out of balance, where will you go?

This has been a very intense time for all of the Collective, we are in a massive Purification stage of our Evolution. To help our whole being rid itself of...

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"Trust in the Changing Seasons" November 14th-20th

Dear Beloveds,

After an intense 2week period of cosmic clearing and discovery of what we are still holding on too. We are being guided to observe the change of the Seasons, the leaves are on the ground and the snow now covers the Earth up here in the Mountains. Mother Earth begins her deep rest period of sleep under the snow to recharge into the fertile void of transformation and growth.

We can connect to the life cycle of all of Nature, we Humans have been so disconnected to her rhythm, we have forgotten how to pause and rest in-between and allow the changes to happen, nothing stays the same, everything in life is cyclical. As we become more aware of the Death and Rebirth cycle we can have a deeper understanding of our own journey.

As, we become more aware of our own seasons, we can let go of what is not supporting or nourishing our growth. We can let go or experience a form of the death cycle, release those parts that you no longer resonate with. Step into your inner...

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"Light Codes Coming in Hot" Nov. 7th-13th

Dear Beloveds,

Here we are on the cusp, of our next eclipse on November 8th. This will be a total Lunar Eclipse paired with a Full Moon in Taurus. This past week has been intense waves of highs and lows, experienced sometimes all at once. As, we have been in this eclipse portal energy since October 25th. Also this week, we will have a powerful portal day 11/11, magnifying all the cosmic light coming to Earth. This will be the most powerful week to date on our Planet.

As, the Light codes and big eclipse energies stream in, our cells are being cleared and activated. Some might be receiving codes, that will unlock memories or portals to open the cosmic energy transfer to earth. Our main purpose is to anchor these codes and remain clear and open to the higher frequencies. This is a most pivotal time for all of Humanity to chose to evolve and be in full awareness of upgrading our experience on Earth as conscious, loving and compassionate Humans for all living things.

We are now securing...

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Welcome, here is a special gift just for you.

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