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Into the Wild Heart Horse Medicine 2-day Retreat


Event Dates Coming Soon!

We welcome you into a sacred two-day ceremonial progression, designed to take on you on a wild journey back into your heart; the home of limitless love and potential. Dropping into a ceremonial space, we will create a conscious atmosphere and clear intentions for the weekend, preparing us for the potent medicine of the horses.

Horses breathe the energy of the divine. They represent freedom, determination, endurance, beauty, majesty, and spirit. When we let down our guard and witness this animal with pure awareness we receive an abundance of healing and activation. Let the spirit of their wild hearts guide you. 

Over the 2 days together, we will be guided by the hooves and hearts of horses from Mountain Horse School and Copper Cayuse Outfitters. Creating a collective field of possibility, summoning our multidimensional selves as allies and guides, and connecting to the infinite potential we all have within our hearts.


What’s Included:

2 days of sacred space with horses

 ~ Merging with the equine heart field

 ~ Somatic healing with horses

3 hour -  Backcountry Horseback Ride (no previous horseback experience necessary) *lunch included

Shamanic Journey

Medicine Making

Cacao Ceremony

Drum medicine & songs

 ~ High-vibe vegan lunch, snacks & Cacao treats

 ~ Professional photo of you on your horseback ride


Not Included:

Accommodation in Pemberton, BC

Breakfasts or Dinners


Guided by Kera Willis of Mountain Horse School, Rainbow Medicine Woman of the Rainbow Medicine Collective, and Neve Petersen of Wild West Witches & Free Burds Photography.

Located in Pemberton, BC, acknowledging and honouring this land is the Unceded Territory of the Lil’wat Nation.



"To describe in a "few" words what I got out of Into The Wild Heart: grounded, community, femininity, a voice, local beauty, bliss, circle time, open heart & equine energy, fields of inner strength & soil of the sacred land of our ancestors, connection to the mountains that surround and protect us. Being held by benevolent women! Authenticity, intention, & thank you."


"A deeply heartfelt weekend riding on the groundedness of horses, safely held on their shoulders. Unlearning, re-wilding in the connectivity of intuitive beings and the net of safety, weaved with kindness and a whole lot of love. Felt the spirit of earth drummed into our cellular levels with the grace of a bridge towards light. A resetting integration, not soon to be forgotten."


"Today was definitely a challenge for me, but I proved to myself that I can rise to that challenge and what a ride it was! I'm so grateful for the opportunity."


"The perfect blend of spirituality, introspection, and true horsepower."


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