Meet our Graduates

Our Graduates

Divine Danelle

Quantum Energy Healer, Conscious Guide, Astrology Natal Chart Reader, and Custom Mala Bracelet Designer  

Danelle is a Founding Practitioner and one of the Founding Directions of Rainbow Medicine Collective, anchoring in the Direction of the East. This is the direction of illumination, the element of air, Eagle Medicine and connection to the Divine.

Danelle works in the healing arts, specializing in Quantum Healing, through frequency and vibrational medicine. Danelle also offers Conscious Guidance, Astrology Natal Chart Readings, Oracle Card & Intuitive Readings and a Custom Mala Bracelet Design Experience.

She is also the Co-Founder of sister founded company, Divine East, which is a Mala jewelry company specializing in intentional, sacred and ethically sourced gemstone designs. She and her sister support and create with women and families in India and Bali.

Danelle has completed certifications in Conscious Creatorhood I + II, Sound Healing, Reiki Tera Mai I + II , Vedic Meditation, and was recently initiated as a Shamanic Practitioner in The Infinite Path with Rainbow Medicine Collective.

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Névé Petersen

Creator of Wild West Witches ~ Communion for Women. Divine Feminine Rituals, Moon Ceremonies, Human Design, Astrology. 

Névé Petersen is a multi-dimensional being weaving many different backgrounds together to give unique and beautiful offerings to our collective. One of her many talents is capturing soulful beauty from behind her lens as a professional photographer; specializing in wild and free feminine imagery. She also shines as a ceremony facilitator, connecting with women from all walks of life to feel safe and empowered in a ceremony. No matter how you connect with her, you'll feel her warm,  charismatic energy through her big smile and warm hugs. 
Being raised in the beautiful mountains of Whistler, BC, & now residing in Pemberton, BC, Névé has always been connected to the land, rivers and mountains. Nature is a place for her to feel safe, recharge and ground. Going through some big losses at a young age, and having a very free-spirited up bringing, she has been able to navigate a winding path to her truth. Stepping into her magic as a healer and teacher, she is now able to shine light for others to find their way.
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Nada Shureih

Holistic Massage Practitioner, Herbalist & Plant Medicine Maker based in Pemberton BC

On a mission of seeking balance and harmony for the mind, body, and spirit by aligning with our natural world. 

Nada lives in the Pemberton Meadows with her partner, 2 daughters, 2 cats, and 4 chickens, where she grows organic gardens for food and medicine. After owning and operating two health food stores in the Pemberton area for 8 years while raising her two young girls, she now homeschools them and works from home operating her massage and natural health practice, Kailani Wellness, from a beautiful studio on her property. 

Nada has worked and studied in the natural health and wellness industry since 2004 and approaches life as a student of the universe, being conscious of always continuing to learn, grow, and evolve. Her goal is to maintain balance between living a life full of joy, gratitude, and fulfillment with the people she loves, while following her passions through meaningful and authentic work to help others through a holistic approach to healing, wellness, and balance of the body, mind, and spirit.  

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