What is Shamanism?

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An Ancient Way Of Being


Shamanism is a spiritual practice based on symbolism, totems and deep connections to ancestral wisdom. 


While this practice is often associated with Indigenous people from the most remote places of the world, it is now used across all corners as a helpful tool for those seeking spiritual, emotional, mental and physical guidance to reconnect back to the natural world.


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Shamanism is a remembrance that you are also part of the natural World.

Who is a Shaman?


Shamans are a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds. They are usually initiated by Spirit and called to be of service to Humanity, especially at this time in our History. 


A Shaman is a Master healer, storyteller, community leader and advocate for Mother Earth. Many Shamans of the past and present have foretold this time in our evolution, that the Human would come back to this way of understanding that we are not separate from All that is Sacred in the Universe.


They can remove negative energies, and then retrieve and restore balance and harmony within the individual on all levels of being. Shamans work on a multidimensional level.


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The Main Reason To Work With A Shaman



There are many, many health benefits to working with a Shaman. The foundational one being the understanding that most diseases come from dis-ease or misalignment of energies around the individual. A Shaman helps an individual recognize and heal those on a multidimentional level.


A shamanistic view point is that illness is related to a root issue, stemming from a spiritual or energetic issue that has been there for a long time, usually something that is passed down in the DNA and is a result of family trauma stored in the ancestral lineage.  This is an opportunity for those seeking to take back their own power and choose to be well on all levels of being. 

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What is a





Human Beings are Multidimensional Beings and have access to all of the Energy bodies that function in various physical and nonphysical planes of consciousness.  We have deeper inner knowledge of things, we can not see. But, we feel and can move freely anywhere. The key is to develop the senses that go with our different energy bodies.


We can deepen our awareness of our gifts and integrate these practices into our everyday life, resulting in more peace and fulfillment. By integrating higher frequency energies and beginning to understand that we are limitless beings of Higher states of Consciousness, we become limitless and powerful.


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We are all born spiritual beings with a special light. Our soul contains the memories
and past experiences of our countless lives.

And, so it begins, this is the difficult part. Navigating our life path, choices and all the lessons that we must learn from life on to the next.

Unfortunately, there is no map to guide us.

We must chart our own course using our instinct and intuition.

Cellular memory coded in our DNA is one clue.

Uncovering our true self or listening to the signs that our body keeps telling us over and over again, like that nagging pain in the neck… or some kind of physical pain, sickness or disease.”


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Connect to Your Highest Vibration

This guided meditation is a guided spiritual journey, waking you up to the new earth vibration medicine. You can use this meditation in the morning and evening, and anytime you need to get out of your head or escape chaos and come back to your heart. Upon completing this meditation, you will feel refreshed and inspired by your own truth, while feeling the support of Mother Earth & Father Sky.


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