The Infinite Path

Learn the Shamanic Way and Become a Shamanic Practitioner

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↞ A 12 Week Transformation ↠


This 12 week online certification course will be a guided journey, as you navigate the deeper waters of your being. Utilizing Indigenous teachings, the medicine wheel, animal spirits, and shamanic jounrneys, you will begin to experience activation in your cellular memories that have been stored away, now ready to be released, transformed and transmuted into love. This will allow you to anchor into your Highest Light self here on Earth, ready to serve and heal your communities.

Live Online Sessions

Meet with Rainbow & your fellow classmates every week to connect, discuss, and learn from one another. Each student will get the chance to co-facilitate a module with Rainbow towards the end of the course too.


Every week includes meditations and Shamanic Journeys that will deepen the lessons into your body and allow you to connect to your deeper knowing. 

Shamanic Education

Each week offers special Shamanic teachings. Each sessions builds off the next and supports you on your journey of unraveling and integration. They will teach you the Shamanic Way and also initiate more layers of your healing. You will receive lifetime access to the teachings.

Training on the Land

An opportunity to unplug and do the work on the land. Week 12 will include a 4 day retreat in Pemberton, BC. Here we will practice and integrate the teachings in community and deepen our connection to the land.

What is the Infinite Path?

A note from your Teacher, Rainbow Medicine Woman


Our Next Program Begins September 2022. Join The Waitlist Today!

Includes Support & Community


12 Live Online Sessions & Private Members Only Group

Connect with fellow students, review weekly materials, learn from one another, and create a bonded community together.

You will also be connected in a private members only group to receive peer support along the journey.

12 Detailed Modules 

Module 1 - Settle into Heart Energy
Module 2 - Ground and Embody Your Soul
Module 3 - Purification on All Level (I See)
Module 4 - Step into the Quantum Field (I Am)
Module 5 - Discover Your Gifts
Module 6 - Stand in Truth - Stillpoint (Centre of the Medicine Wheel)
Module 7 - Receive Higher Transmissions (Sacred Direction of the East)
Module 8 - Remembering Your Mastery - Highest Expression (Sacred Direction of the South)
Module 9 - Back into Flow (Sacred Direction of the West)
Module 10 - Weaving Your Ancient Knowing into Form (Sacred Direction of the North)
Module 11 - Integration of Your Divine Self (Back to Centre as Co-Creator)
Module 12 - Initiation on The Land

Time on the Land will include: Ceremony, Ritual, Shamanic Practice, Sweat Lodge and Shamanic Practitioner Certification. (Retreat dates To Be Announced.)

Initiation On The Land

Your final week will be all about integrating the course and it's teaching, connecting to the land, practicing the teachings, bonding with your peers and retreating into nature.

What to expect: 3 days on the land in Pemberton, BC, healthy delicious meals, a vision quest, a sweat lodge, guided journeys, drum medicine, ceremonies, and much more goodness to support you on your journey. A time to unplug from life and do the medicine work held in community.

At the end of this magical experience, you'll receive your Shamanic Practitioner Certification.

"The Infinite Path took me on a soul journey, stepping through each week taking time to reflect, connect more deeply to my true self and start to see what I am really here to share; my purpose. Rainbow is so gentle with her teachings, the medicine is potent, and the revelations root down to the core of our beings. She is a truly gifted leader, weaver, and healer. I will continue to walk this path with my spirit, unraveling to the great unknowns of every tomorrow. Listening, learning, growing, and sharing my medicine with the world."

Névé Petersen

"There were so many teachings that were ancient, activating something I knew deep within, but could not access. Rainbow has a way of seeing and showing what is unable to be seen under the surface, in a gentle self directed way. Sharing tools to use along our journey, discovering and utilizing our own gifts in a very personalized way. I know I can always lean back onto the teachings, as we have access to everything covered during our Infinite Path Journey. I sometimes find myself reflecting on the teachings and being able to review what we learned. Rainbow shared such a wealth of knowledge. Simple yet very profound. I can now apply these tools in my own offerings as well as my life. "

Renee Ru Stonefeather

Walk the Shamanic Way



 - 12 Detailed Modules 

- 12 LIVE 2-hour online sessions with Rainbow

- Private members only community

- Opportunity to facilitate a group lesson

- Retreat on the land in Pemberton, BC

- An abundance of information with lifetime access

- Shamanic Practitioner certification


Your Heart and Soul will guide you, they have brought you here to clear the past, so you can experience and understand the Light language of the Universe. 


Find the Shaman in You. 


Our Next Program Begins September 2022. Join The Waitlist Today!

Join us on this infinite journey of sacred Shamanic wisdom teachings
with Rainbow Medicine Woman

"When my whole life started crumbling down and I felt lost in my own existence I started to read Rainbow’s blog - week by week, and then I tried some of her meditations. All of those words written and spoken resonated with me so much that I could not resist the pull to the Infinite Path. The Infinite Path is an unimaginable experience of homecoming. Twelve weeks of digging really deep into my heart, my soul, body and in the end - my mind. Getting all these original parts together as puzzles to bring a whole new version of myself into life. It’s really hard to find accurate words, but imagine that in this sacred container of like-magic people you can see and re-invent those beautiful parts of your being, make them one, (learn to) trust them and let everything else go.I dedicated myself to this course full-time. And it was the best investment (of anything) I have ever done. I used to say: “I love my life”. But then I've slightly changed it to: “I love life and life loves me, because I am Life.""

Daniela Szendreiova

Answer the Call

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